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  1. gregorgregorovich

    Whitby train

    Going to Whitby by train this week. Does anyone know if you buy tickets beforehand or get them on the train? Cheers.
  2. gregorgregorovich

    Footy Quiz Question

    Just finished setting this Sundays quiz for my local and this is the football question I've asked. In order, which 6 goalkeepers have kept the most clean sheets in the Premier League. 2 points if you get the answer right and in the right order, 1 point if you get the answer right but in the...
  3. gregorgregorovich

    A decent Tory?

    Just watched Ruth Davidson on Channel 4 News. She was almost in tears at the end. A Tory with integrity and seeming decency, no place in Johnson's Junta for her.
  4. gregorgregorovich


    Just sat watching Sophie Raworth now, firstly interviewing Oliver Dowden and then Keir Starmer and as you would maybe expect, the main topic is Partygate. Guess which one of the two of them she is interrupting the most, which of the two of them she is questioning the most aggressively? Nearly as...
  5. gregorgregorovich

    Quiz question

    Just finishing a quiz for my local this Sunday and thought I'd ask my last question, seeing as it's a footy one. Norman Conquest, don't tell your Dad the answers. In order which 6 teams have lost the most matches in the Premier League?
  6. gregorgregorovich

    New Tory mantra

    We're all in this garden together. Repeat ad nauseum.
  7. gregorgregorovich

    Electronic game pass

    My young mate who goes to the match with me, needs to get a record of his jabs onto his phone. I'm super dooper thick with technology, so any help will be much appreciated.
  8. gregorgregorovich

    Greatest TV series ever?

    Sat watching the World at War for the nth time. Superb series, my favourite ever. Everything about it was just top notch.