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    What do I need to look for in a new TV

    Just got a 55 in LG from currys , £529 . Superb . Don't go smaller , you will only want the bigger one in the future .
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    Charlie Goode - CB from Northampton

    And me , although he is a right CH like Hall , so a LCH is important . And the reporter is just stating the obvious , his fee has gone from £500 k to £1m because of interest , so , we may have bid £750 k , doesn't mean we are getting him .
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    Marcus Maddison.

    One report said he was on £3,500 pw at Hull , so if so , not high risk in salary .
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    Marcus Maddison.

    Give him a trial / train with us to see his character prior to signing . I suppose he could act fine for 2 weeks and then change , but a quiet word from Neil should suffice. ( mess about and I’ll tell the world )
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    Marcus Maddison.

    Reportedly only on £3,500pw at Hull , if that’s the case I would like us to give him a chance . Seen people saying he’s a bit of a lad / knob , so what , Neil said he likes a naughty character in the team . Durham born so local . Good age , scores and creates 👍
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    Adam Reach

    Reach would improve us . I would take Bannan off them also .
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    Is Ben Gibson next through the door?

    Reported Norwich want Gibson
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    Best place to buy a dinghy

    Did you get your metal toolbox red lips ?
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    Premier League Loans

    Challobah has only just turned 21 so was 19 when playing for Ipswich . Personally I think he was decent for Huddersfield against us last season , and I think he could do a job and improve again under Warnock . Neil will decide who he wants , I'm just suggesting possibilities .
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    Premier League Loans

    Natt Phillips CH LFC Curtis Jones RW LFC Bailey Peacock Farrell Burnley keeper Trevor Challobah Defensive mid Guessing , Neil will be like a kid in a sweet shop , he will know who he wants .
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    Armand Gnanduillet

    Derby want Gnanduillet too now .
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    Declan Rudd on a free formerly PNE Rob Elliott on a free formerly Newcastle Will Norris on a free ( played for Ipswich last season ) Jake Alnwick st Mirren To name but a few , but Neil will know who he wants . Wages too high for Hart I expect , but if not 👍🏻
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    Pompey keeper on our list .
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    Kemar Roofe signs for Rangers

    Rangers also complete the signing of Cedric itten fron st Gallen for undisclosed fee. Centre forward target man and goal scorer . Good signings .
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    McNair ----> Stoke City

    £5m was mentioned when the rumour was 1st reported . Anything over £4m and we have done ok.
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    ST Sales Re-Open to Gold Card Holders

    I am a gold card My dad 86 isn’t . We sit together Now I have to renew and sit on my own ? He hasn’t renewed because of the uncertainty , but now can’t ? will his seat next to me be saved until he can go ?
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    Digital Season Tickets

    I have a seat on the end of a row , not possible to social distance as the rest of the row have to go past me .
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    Why did qpr let him go?

    I expect Hugill to go for £3-4m but he is on £36k per week at WHU, which rules us out. He almost signed for Wigan for £4m but wouldn't accept a wage cut from £36k to £18k , which is a shame for Wigan , as he would have scored the goals to keep them in the championship . I expect QPR to get him...
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    Who next through the door

    Unknown times , we need to try to carry on and put a team out to compete at the top end of the league , without spending big . Although I would like players like Freeman , Hugill ,the fact we are out of the bidding for Moore due to costs , suggests we are being careful . They are on premier...