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  1. Borored

    What the weirdest documentary/program you’ve watched on Netflix/amazon/iplayer etc - during the lock down

    Tiger King on Netflix without question. Just utterly bizarre.
  2. Borored

    Ravel Morrison

    If you believe Alan Nixon and the Sun, appears on his way to us. Not sure how I feel about this, has had attitude problems in the past and very little football. A panic move...
  3. Borored

    Tell us about your avatar

    Part of my mission to help promote the speedway!
  4. Borored

    Feedback on new site thread

    Big thumbs up from me - especially being able to browse properly on a mobile!
  5. Borored

    Patrick Roberts

    He is a proper player. We looked a bit lost once he went off I thought, he was the link between midfield and attack.