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    Training photos

    Photo's from training on the club website. Just looking through them can't see Coulson in any of pics, even in the background, maybe he won't be fit for Hull?
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    Warnock Stoke preview

    interview on the club website and gazette have done all the quotes in an article. Good to hear a bit of honesty about the squad and the situation we are in. He mentions a few times about scrapping for our lives and making sure we don't give Stoke any gifts on Saturday and make them earn...
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    Robbie Keane gone too

    No Surprise really
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    Fletcher, Britt, Roberts, Coulson and Spence

    all have to start every game from now to the end of the season for us to stand a chance of staying up. we need the pace on the flanks from Spence and Coulson, Britt and Fletcher are out best chance of getting goals. Roberts has to start every game, if he's not fit enough fine we allowed 5...