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  1. Malaguena

    Updated: Oh no they do not... Fuenlabrada give up their chance of reaching the play-offs in Spain

    @spanishman I see Coruña played Fuenlabrada last Friday and lost 2-1 - Coruña still relegated though So, Girona for you then - snd I suspect the opponents you’d have preferred not to have - first leg Thursday, 2nd leg Sunday
  2. Malaguena

    ITV hit new low - rolling in it

    IIRC weren’t the Belgians always 5hite, the Dutch a shambles, the Germans ultra-competitive, and the Brits “plucky” - bit of national stereotyping there !
  3. Malaguena

    How hot is too hot?

    This👆 - and people not knowing how to keep cool in hot weather
  4. Malaguena

    How hot is too hot?

    42 in Malaga a couple of days ago, and was still 37 at midnight on our terrace. Not humid but the difference was there’s usually a gentle sea breeze making it feel cooler and there wasn’t then - stifling. Back down to the usual 32ish during the day and a fresh low 20s at night for the next week
  5. Malaguena

    ST Sales Re-Open to Gold Card Holders

    In theory that should be correct, but isn't - the card may have been continually renewed since the Riverside opened, but are there are cases where the original "holder" has either died or passed it on to other family members or friends, but it has been kept in the original name to maintain the...
  6. Malaguena

    Riverside live

    Nothing here either
  7. Malaguena

    Adriana Karembeu Models our New Kit.....

    Bring back the 3 ships 👍
  8. Malaguena

    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    Not contradictory at all - an opinion is an opinion
  9. Malaguena

    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    No it doesn’t The vast majority of the U.K. did not vote to leave the EU My view all along was that nobody over the age of 50 should have had a vote anyway
  10. Malaguena

    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    Don’t forget blue passports Everyone is indeed entitled to their opinion - but I reserve the right to think that anyone who voted for Brexit doesn’t have the intelligence to understand the implications of that opinion
  11. Malaguena

    Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

    I’ve mentioned on another thread, and yes it relates to Spain but the age profile for new spikes of infections is in the 25 - 45 range - younger people ignoring the request to socially distance, wear masks, and avoid crowds because “they know best” or “it’s not going away so bllx to it”..... and...
  12. Malaguena

    Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

    I generally respect your views Randy but attitiludes like this are exactly why the virus is making a comeback and why another lockdown is more likely.
  13. Malaguena

    50 years since the Officially Sanctioned Daily Rum Ration was ended in the Royal Navy....

    Maybe no rum, but I trust sodomy and the lash is still going strong ;)
  14. Malaguena

    Pubs to close?

    I’m not sure it’s “thick” per se - it’s the arrogance of thinking it won’t happen to them, or care if it does.... the “I know best and I’ll do what I want” attitude
  15. Malaguena

    Pubs to close?

    Here in Spain we've had the biggest daily number of infections (just over 1000 yesterday) since late April, through primarily in the "spike" areas of Aragon and Madrid . What is interesting is that the average age of those infected has dropped from 66 to 40 - younger people not following mask...
  16. Malaguena

    Sheff Wed 12 POINT PENALTY

    This is the one that REALLY pi55es me off - to a level that is frankly both irrational and embarrassing :oops:
  17. Malaguena

    What was a visit to the dentist like back in the old days?

    When I was in my early / mid teens (1970s) my dentist was my mate's Dad. TBF he was OK but the clever bit was that his assistant was his daughter / my mate's sister who was a few years older and absolutely drop dead gorgeous - no self respecting teen lad was going to show fear / pain in front of...
  18. Malaguena

    Sir Alan Parker RIP

    Ha - me too !