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    I still don't know anyone who has had Covid

    Do I live on a different planet?
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    Starmer just gets better

    He kills the Jewish propaganda issue stone dead. He pays out to the whistle blowers without argument. That's two down.
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    Being insulted

    I love a good insult. A bloke I have not seen for a few years just said to me. 'Do you like food.'
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    Never in doubt

    I hope no one took the 7/2 on offer Last week.
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    Why are we worried

    We already have enough points.
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    Boris and his gob.

    The man is dispicable. They don't tell care homes what to do, fill them with untested hospital patients , then he says it's their fault.
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    Starmers biggest problem.

    Boris is a brilliant TV performer. He may be full of BS, a committed liar, in my view personally disgusting, has no substance , policies for the few, but he does know how to perform.
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    Liverpool shirts

    Do Sports Direct have an offer on?
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    One more win and mid table

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    CtC & AM

    Ignore my outbursts some days I can be full of horse manure.
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    Starmer shredded him

    It was that simple. Ask questions , he had no idea how to answer them, then blow him away on the private letter. It's the tortoise passing the hare.
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    Wasted 1 1/2 hours of my life

    On Black Mountain, why are we to lazy to turn this crap of?
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    Sprake, Charlton , Reaney, Cooper, Clarke, Giles, Bremner, Lortimer, Gray, Mcready , Madely, Jordon , Cherry, Stepney, Brennan, Crerand, Stiles , Sadler, Charlton , Best, Aston, Foulkes, Dunne, Kidd whigham, Jones , rooks, downing, hickton, o Rourke, mc Mordie , lugg? Butler? Chadwick All...
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    Do you eat or do you taste

    I have been to eight of the top so called 50 restaurants in Europe, I thought each was over priced and very overrated. I would have been happier with poached eggs on toast. It's the same with beers, I like smooth, drinking is a social thing to me , I don't care if it's at the Boro, in a...
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    Bumble Bees

    It must be a good year for them , they are huge and all over the place
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    John Humphries

    In the Daily Mail has nailed it on the Government's response to the virus.
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    What's the best way to peel an orange

    Without a knife.
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    Could Scotland have afforded this shut down

    And NHS costs on its own? Oil price down the pan, paying 80% of salaries, giving small business loans, and the extra NHS costs. It's no wonder that independence is off the table for a while.
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    Chatting about my mam last Night

    She died over a decade a go, the Most decent hard working Boro council house lady , but God she would lie for me and my brother's. What is it about mam's and sons ?
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    Steven Fry

    Is on the button , ignore the social media and only listen to the expert medical advice.