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  1. FlapJacks

    Goalscrounger's One Off Music Challenge!!!

    Not sure if this qualifies, but it's great. Edit: Dance Stance by Dexys. Double Edit: no apostrophe.
  2. FlapJacks

    Goalscrounger's One Off Music Challenge!!!

    Arrrghhhh... my choice ... just beaten to it.
  3. FlapJacks

    2am and it's 21°c here on the South Coast

    I know. Just a bit more more of a breeze though. And it's not clouding over every so often to make it feel ultra-muggy.
  4. FlapJacks

    2am and it's 21°c here on the South Coast

    Brighton was unbelievably hot yesterday.
  5. FlapJacks

    Underrated tracks/bands

    I always thought this was a brilliant piece of rocky pop. It has a great punchy intro and a proper ending too.
  6. FlapJacks

    Shakespeare Assistant at Villa

  7. FlapJacks

    Where are your feet from?

    Aboriginal. I had an unhealthy interest in the film Walkabout as a young lad. It's all falling into place now.
  8. FlapJacks

    Keyboard tip

    Bookmark this page and then copy and paste from it :D
  9. FlapJacks

    Human League - Dare 40 Tour

    Dare is brilliant pop but I prefer Travelogue, although it's a different band I suppose.
  10. FlapJacks

    NEW KIT!!

    Or the entire ad logo plus the tagline all in white.
  11. FlapJacks

    New Music

    This is great. New (I think) from Toots and the Maytals.
  12. FlapJacks

    RIPPeter Green

    Very sad. A bit of a hero of mine.
  13. FlapJacks

    Cornwall for the west indies

    Until his medication kicked in.
  14. FlapJacks

    Name 1 thing

    I'm glad somebody stepped up to the plate to make that point.
  15. FlapJacks

    One for the techies

    Time for a tinker I think. (y)
  16. FlapJacks

    The FA cup under covid with no fans does anyone really care ?

    I think that past glory might be gone for good. A product of simpler times which have also gone for good.
  17. FlapJacks

    BBC 6Music

    Lordy. That's quite an achievement for a lass from Sunderland.
  18. FlapJacks


    Absolute banger. The £25 budget they had for the video was wisely spent.
  19. FlapJacks

    BBC 6Music

    Tom Ravenscroft's show is the one I generally listen to later if I didn't catch it live. I'll usually hear something the like of which I've never heard before - which is good thing. Late 1970s John Peel will always be a cherished memory for me - he offered the chance to hear stuff you (quite...
  20. FlapJacks

    BBC 6Music

    I listen to Marc Riley most nights too. He's great, but might benefit from some sort of quota being imposed when it comes to mentioning David Bowie (who was also great.)