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  1. Malaguena

    Arab football club owners ......

    ..... aren't always what they seem :(
  2. Malaguena

    No Covid-19 deaths in Spain yesterday

    ... for the first time in 90 days
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    Lockdown Release Phase 2 - Malaga - 30s ago

  4. Malaguena

    Article by Genetics Professor at Malaga University

    Nothing earthshattering but an interesting article I thought
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    La Liga restart - 8 June

    Never mind the Seville Derby or La Liga, let's get the Malaga /Almeria match on in the Segunda (y);)
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    Reclaiming Malaga City for pedestrians and cyclists

    Interesting article. The "Historic Centre" as it's known is essentially car free now, but this is looking to take it to a different level - the main boulevards along the seafront and (for those of you who know the city) that looks very much like Avenida de Andalucia in the article - the main...
  7. Malaguena

    Ben Foster / Tony Pulis

    A bit of light relief from the Corona threads. Extract from the BBC interview with Ben Foster about playing for Tony Pulis Foster had a year at Birmingham, where he won the League Cup, before spending seven seasons at West Brom and playing under Tony Pulis. He recalls one particular ending to...
  8. Malaguena

    The Swedish approach

    Extract from The Times today (a long article that I had to crop the last couple pf paragraphs from) Anders Tegnell, the man who convinced Sweden not to go into lockdown Sweden’s state epidemiologist tells Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester why his nation’s schools are open and herd immunity is...
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    Cycling - Transcontinental Race

    Never heard of this - sounds mad
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    Banks would be a better target for public ire than footballers

    Now I know Rod Liddle's not everyone's cup of tea, but I quite like his "observations", and for me, he's got it spot on in today's Sunday Times .... Banks would be a better target for public ire than footballers It took a little while, but it seems the Premier League clubs have at last been...
  11. Malaguena

    Premier League warns PFA of £762m penalty if season is voided So we know what's going to happen then :unsure:
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    The Costa del Sol economy left 85 per cent paralysed by the new restrictions on all non-essential activity

    The impact on the economy The Costa del Sol is of course almost totally reliant on tourism - today would have been the official start of the "season". Some technology based businesses here, but fairly small
  13. Malaguena

    Gun shops in USA "essential businesses" FFS
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    The Lancet : COVID-19 and the NHS—“a national scandal”

    No holds barred from the The Lancet
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    Excellent editorial from our local Spanish paper - "Coronavirus - what's important now"

    Applies equally to the UK I suggest
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    James McClean

    Behind The Times paywall so I can't link it, but a photo of him wearing a full face black balaclava sat in front of his two kids. "James McClean has risked the wrath of fans after the Ireland midfielder posted an image of himself wearing a balaclava while leading a “history lesson”. McClean...
  17. Malaguena

    Spain latest - possibly some good news behind the bad news Day 11 of lockdown - fingers crossed
  18. Malaguena

    Malaga province has 520 coronavirus cases but rise has slowed down in last few days Fingers crossed lockdown is starting to have an impact here
  19. Malaguena

    Spain extend lockdown by 15 days

    Still not sure Boris has got to grips with it yet