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  1. Osboro

    Knutsford and Lymm

    Having to relocate over there, and our initial thoughts are these two towns, any one out there or any one with guidance, areas to avoid etc?
  2. Osboro


    Thumbs up to Lefty with his link to " We have ways" podcast , I've found " behind the basterds" to be really illuminating and entertaining on subjects as wide as US police history, socialism in the US, L Ron Hubbard and various other world wide and historical nut jobs. Too much of our time is...
  3. Osboro


    Wednesday 9.00pm BBC2 . For those who haven't seen it, it is , as it says, marvellous. A really uplifting joy of a programme.
  4. Osboro

    Foreign Holiday?

    Any one booked or planning? We are drawing a line this year, even though we have accommodation pre booked in greece, just can't see any sense in risking it. Were hoping some progression occur as we have a major family event to attend in Southern Germany in late November but even then we would go...
  5. Osboro

    Spotify will get you through this!

    .Down loaded Spotify on the 3 mth trial. Got the book "1001 albums to listen to before you die" ( not literally I hope) for xmas. absolutely BLOWN AWAY by MAGGOTBRAIN( the track) from the album of the same name by FUNKADELIC. One of the most beautiful, uplifting electric guitar pieces I've ever...
  6. Osboro

    Strange benefits\ Consequences of the crisis?

    Seeing the immediate benefit of reduced pollution. Talking to neighbours ( at a distance) whilst getting on with all those jobs on the list! Recognising how valuable "little people" are to society. Potential increase of arrests of drug couriers picked off the ever emptying motorways ( I did say...