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  1. J

    Is Ben Gibson next through the door?

    and he helped when he hacked Juninho down for the penalty that got us back into the game
  2. J

    What exactly is a " Karen "?

    Didn't it used to be Sharon eg in Viz
  3. J

    Why did Warnock quit Huddersfield for Plymouth?

    He just wanted to make sure that I kept up my Wembley record of never seeing the team I was supporting win at Wembley Boro 2 defeats and a draw England 2 defeats Darlington 1 defeat England U21 1 defeat
  4. J

    How can you award a grade based on estimates

    There isn't that much coursework anymore
  5. J

    29 Years ago - playoff semi final Pt 1

    I still remember Baird's penalty at Meadow Lane in the normal league game(not sure if it has landed yet!). We seemed to be miles away from the pitch that day and then at the other end it looked like the goal was chalked on a brick wall it was thsat close to the pitch. The redevelopment they...
  6. J

    Boro at wembley & promotion photos

    Yeah and then that season instead of failing at the 11th hour we got as far as 11:45:cry:
  7. J

    MP Arrested this Evening on Rape Allegation

    I agree wholehartedly with you on this. There is another part to this story though - why did a year pass from the chief whip being informed of this alleged offence before anything was done? If there is an innocent explanation of this, then the party machine needs to move very quickly to...
  8. J

    James Wharton - now a Life Peer!

    Be fair - does Williams do Australian accents for comedy value?
  9. J

    Jaime Moreno

    He was often in Thornaby snooker club. I remember how excited I was when I first saw him at Billingham Town in pre season friendly, he was an exotic overseas player signing at the start of an exciting period. Didn't realise that within a matter of months this type of signing would almost become...
  10. J

    James Wharton - now a Life Peer!

    We should take Australia's view - if you want to be a member of parliament, you have to make sure you are not a citizen of any other country. I mean, what next a US citizen becoming prime minister? (It would have happened if they hadn't tried to make him pay tax!)
  11. J

    Ayresome Park in uproar

    I read somewhere that 1966 It was the lowest average attendance for any World Cup - I don't think that would be the case if we ever get another one.
  12. J

    Yet another London club

    I was just making the point that businesses want to pretend they are part of London to attract overseas / foreign people as London must be viewed as where to be from other countries
  13. J

    Yet another London club

    If Luton is in London eg London Luton Airport then Watford being 25 miles (ish) further south must be in London - Watford certainly tries to attract players by claiming to be a London team (they made this claim themselves). The pull of London seems to be for the overseas players - so people...
  14. J

    He's definitely staying! MFC Confirm.

    need to change link from mac to mfc (autocorrect at work again?)
  15. J

    Remember the mini kits you hung in your car

    The wierd thing about Moss Side was the contrasts. After being terrified for the league win, Barmby winner, went back for cup game (Juninho winner) season after and got parked in very posh girls public school. It was (probably still is) one very wierd area! Mind you in my 4 visits our record...
  16. J

    Remember the mini kits you hung in your car

    On Only place I was scared enough to do this was Man City - Moss Side in mid 90s made Blue Hall seem like Mayfair. Metal shutters on nearly every house and what looked like bullet holes in the others. Don't mind admitting I was petrified!
  17. J

    The San Marino Grand Prix is back!

    I understand that people want more mixed up races, but the problem is that practice sessions have effectively become what were once testing. I think that you either have testing back or you aĺlow in season testing (expensive) otherwise the development of the cars will be reduced. I guess a...
  18. J

    York play-off

    Apologies I was looking at Harrogate york is 2-0
  19. J

    York play-off

    Sky app says ft 1-0
  20. J

    The San Marino Grand Prix is back!

    Isn't that a bit like saying football teams cant have training sessions. That would probably help us as our set piece record is fairly bad (both defending and attacking)