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    Where are your feet from?

    I've got African feet too In my head I've got feet like George Weah, in reality I have the feet of that lad who claimed to be Weah's cousin to get a game for Southampton
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    Junior Hoilett Linked

    Would be very pleased with this.
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    Channel Migrants (Admin advisory. Contains disturbing image and repulsive views)

    I was fuming, I edited as soon as I'd posted it, not lowering myself to that level. That sink them comment made me see red.
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    Channel Migrants (Admin advisory. Contains disturbing image and repulsive views)

    That is one of the most disgusting things I have read on here, and I remember smoggy rainbow. Randy, whether you're a low life troll or you actually mean it you are a despicable excuse for a human being.
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    New Netflix Documentry - Anelka: Misunderstood

    Don't think he warrants his own documentary Hardly Henry was he? Bit of a meh player really, or is from my memory anyway.
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    Conspiracy theorists

    I wonder whether the increase in conspiracy theorists is linked to the incompetence of the government. Maybe some people prefer to think that there's some kind of plan behind it all; rather than face the reality that the government are just making it up as they go along and are asleep at the wheel.
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    I still don't know anyone who has had Covid

    I know 3, one of them was worryingly unwell
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    Tommy Robinson

    I know what you mean, I see him as a kind of low rent Farage, so a kind of desolate, post apocalyptic nothing, filled with despair and regret. A tiny husk of a human being howling his rage at the moon.
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    It’s looking like a potential landslide victory for Joe Biden

    Thing is though - a bit like Boris in pmqs - Trump can just scream something like Joe Biden is an alien from planet zog over and over and the majority (or enough) of the electorate will think he won the debate.
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    If anyone has Sky and wants to watch Champions League and UEFA Cup

    I might do that, I've not watched any euro football since it went to BT
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    Financial Fair Play

    Maybe some way of combining ffp with the 'fit and proper person test'. Perhaps if someone wants to buy a club they have to lodge 50% of the last 5 years worth of the clubs outgoings with an independent body, this might stop the chancers from getting involved but would allow a genuine investor to...
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    Warnock announcement on Monday

    Whatever the outcome i just hope there's a decision in next couple of days, we don't want this dragging on and on over summer, then ultimately appointing Stewart Downing as a player/manager as he did a great powerpoint.
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    Bournemouth down

    Just shows you, chickens always come home to roost, after that promotion season of diving and cheating their way up i've got little sympathy, as said above, Harry Arter.
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    Spain back on the UK banned travel list

    Yea, sorry i wasn't getting at you at all, should probably have just done a new post rather than reply
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    Transfer fees post Covid 19

    Good to see you made it over to the new board Plaz, keep on keeping on.
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    Fletcher - chance conversion

    Sorry Britt!!
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    Fletcher - chance conversion

    Is it just me or does Fletcher rarely miss? Wonder what his conversion rate is but i'm guessing it's way better than Britt's
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    Spain back on the UK banned travel list

    If anyone is 'circumventing' the quarantine then they are an absolute scumbag. What makes people think this is acceptable? Is your sh**ty little week away worth it?
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    Top 5 clubs you dislike (in order)

    I don't look for anyone else's result, got it all on living through boro. The only person I 'hate' in football is that Sunderland fan who keeps quite obviously spiking our games, needs to be investigated and at the very least he shouldn't be reffing us.
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    Wigan decision no later than July 28

    What do HMRC care whether the person actually does any work? As long as they pay the correct tax? There's loads of people get paid as consultants for very little work. I'm sure some spreadsheets could be knocked up showing how productive Ben Gibson is at maximising efficiencies within a...