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  1. Ex Footy Legs

    Legislate to have leavers back of a queue

    Just a reminder today (see the link below) that those who will need their medicines will have to be patient come the turn of the year when the extreme right wing get their way after hoodwinking millions of innocent people. A new dawn has broken, has it not, where our people clasp our hands...
  2. Ex Footy Legs

    4 wins 4 losses. 50% win rate

    With a team in tatters when he arrived and to get 4 wins has been nothing short of superb Will he agree to continue though ? I think he needs 2 years to completely turn it around Lives in Cornwall though New Flight From Teesside though 👍🤣
  3. Ex Footy Legs

    BBC tees commentator streets ahead of Drury

    This lad is so much better and level headed yet passionate than Massive ego drury
  4. Ex Footy Legs

    Where can I watch the Boro match ?

    Near Marton area ? 🙏🏻
  5. Ex Footy Legs

    Spence broken nose

    Does anyone know if this spells the end for him this season or will he play on with a protective mask ? He’s very important to us....
  6. Ex Footy Legs

    Pension mistake back payment ; Wee Gord !

    This is a shout out to the pensions expert on here ??? I’ve forgot; is it weegord ? I’ve just received a cheque out of the blue! from a company scheme I was in back in 1998 (Just over £1000) whereby the pension company (well known one) has sent me a letter saying sorry about keeping my funds...
  7. Ex Footy Legs

    Burnley ugly in every sense...

    Watched the game versus palace and they have nothing about themselves at all, snatched a goal but just sit in their own box and are ugly to watch Horrible horrible team....dysche for me kills the game with the way he approaches games, they live for a set piece, terrible example for football in...
  8. Ex Footy Legs

    Fencing recommendations folks ?

    Looking to have a new fence put up : approx 21m and looking for recommendations locally based on good workmanship based on decent price ?
  9. Ex Footy Legs

    Sedwell going....Johnson purges all Remainers

    Sad day as our country battles with the economic fall out of job losses from Covid 19 to have sedwell ushered out the door because he said ‘a no deal brexit would be disastrous for this country ‘ Speaking truth to power No deal is where we’re heading with Cummings and his cronies wanting to...
  10. Ex Footy Legs

    Warnocks new Revolution

    Reading all NW comments before and after the game it seems to me he can’t just do 8 games. I expect him to sign for 2 years And tell Gibbo, in 2 seasons I expect to have you back in the premiership but secretly NW will expect to do that in his first season and have another crack at the...