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  1. spanishman

    La Liga 2 play offs and relegation - some progress

    It is not just the Championship that is looking at legal action taking place.... Last night was a step forward for La Liga 2. The Deportivo vs. Fuenlabrada match that was postponed on 20 July was played last night. It had been cancelled at the last minute due to Fuenlabrada having coronavirus...
  2. spanishman

    Almería sack their coaching team before the play-offs - we now have the 5th head coach this season

    UPDATED: It is actually 5 coaches, not 4. I forgot about the one we sacked during pre-season. We are now on to our 5th (updated from 4) head coach this season. José Gomes from Portugal. according to my friend who has just rung me. Takes first training session this evening. With his own...
  3. spanishman

    Updated: Oh no they do not... Fuenlabrada give up their chance of reaching the play-offs in Spain

    Fuenlabrada have just given up the chance of playing their last match of the season (against Deportivo). Just been announced. This means that they are not in the play-offs for promotion to La Liga. The match was cancelled due to some of their players testing positive from coronavirus. Now they...
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    Thread 6001

    And counting.
  5. spanishman

    My WBA and Almería supporting friend not happy tonight

    Almería in the play offs. Perhap WBA as well.
  6. spanishman

    Update on legal claim about the government lying about care home deaths (plus informal enquiry set up by cross party group of MPs) The full claim...
  7. spanishman

    My football worries

    I am not sure which is worse. Worrying about whether Almería will qualify for the play-offs or get direct promotion. Or worrying about Boro being relegated
  8. spanishman

    Coronavirus testing and counting screw up.. now there is a surprise.....
  9. spanishman

    Good Service: South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust - Patient Experience Facilitator

    This morning I was impressed by the service at the local hospital trust. I sent an email to an email address I was given by a member of my family. The email I sent was for an uncle of mine who is in the James Cook hospital. I provided details of the patients name and what ward he is in. Plus...
  10. spanishman

    Woodgate just beats Guti in the sack race

    Almería sacked their manager today. After a second 0-1 home defeat in 3 games. Still 3rd in the league. Beat the 2nd place team away from home. Between the two defeats. Was saying earlier in the year I was not sure who would get the sack first. Maybe we will get Karanka doing a short term...
  11. spanishman

    Coronavirus video - New Zealand vs. UK

    This is from the middle of May. I have not seen it before. Apologies if this has been on here already. I normally make a point of not sharing Momentum videos. As I am not a fan of them. However this video is so good I feel I have to share it. Compare and contrast.
  12. spanishman

    I hope this group of bereaved families calling for an immediate inquiry grows

    Well done to these families. I hope they get the justice they deserve. I also hope more people join their group.... The group is supported by the Liverpool-based law firm Broudie Jackson Canter that acted for the Hillsborough families.
  13. spanishman

    Cummings - unspecified lapsed planning breaches Also suggesting there perhaps has also been some issues with council tax.
  14. spanishman

    UK delayed lock down too long - stating what was obvious at the time
  15. spanishman

    Brewdog special edition beer - Barnard Castle Eye Test
  16. spanishman

    Cummings - Well done Emily Maitlis - this deserves a thread to itself.....
  17. spanishman

    Brexit versus the Queen's Honours List

    I saw this on Facebook recently. It made me smile.
  18. spanishman

    FINAL RESULTS OF BORO QUIZ - junos_boots favourite 90s-ish goals

    OK. As mentioned in the last quiz thread. I am having a week off from running the quizzes. However junos_boots and myself will be drip feeding stuff here in advance of the next quiz. There will be 10 rounds. In each round we have to guess the favourite goal by a player from the 90s. The goals...
  19. spanishman

    Right click photo resizing on WIndows 10 (for use for photos uploaded here)

    I just posted this on the feedback thread. I feel it is useful enough to have it's own thread. On Windows 10 there is now a thing called Microsoft PowerToys. This is a revamp of an old thing on pre-release at the moment. It includes a photo resizer that you can use via a right click. The...