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  1. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Urgent review into how PHE death figures

    Been saying this for months. I find it completely unrealistic to believe that Matt Hancock has just discovered this 'news' now. Does it not seem more plausible that he/they knew this all along, and allowed numbers to be inflated whilst driving lockdown measures in April, then releasing the news...
  2. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Face masks

    Nobody wants anyone to spread any kind of disease, but it is an unfortunate and largely unavoidable part of every animal species and has been since time began. Are you actually advocating wearing masks for an undefined period of time until there are no known diseases left? Where do you draw the...
  3. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Face masks

    Come on. Chances of walking down an empty street or field and accidentally bumping into someone are incredibly incredibly minimal. Case numbers are virtually zero here, so the chance of me at first bumping into someone accidentally then ALSO passing on something are virtually zero. Should we...
  4. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Face masks

    I live in Ibiza, and they've announced as from tomorrow, whenever you are outside of your property and no matter how 'socially distanced' you are or who you are with / not with, you will need to wear a mask at all times, other than if you are on the beach, engaged in sporting activities or...
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    Australia Lockdown

    Just reading yesterday/today that Australia have re-locked down Victoria for 6 weeks, because of a record surge in new cases. They had a total of 2 deaths in Victoria yesterday, and have had a total of just over 100 deaths in total across the country during the entire coronavirus situation, in...
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    Yeah agreed, I'm not a fan of 'middle-tier' chain restaurants (one above Maccys etc) but I do think Wagamamas is pretty decent.
  7. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Time to make facemasks mandatory everywhere public?

    Perhaps because of this? Government advice on opening pubs & restaurants - last updated 23rd June Page 33 & 34... "There are...
  8. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Time to make facemasks mandatory everywhere public?

    As we approach flu season in the autumn and people get the flu (which they will) and start displaying flu symptoms which closely match COVID symptoms (which they will) how do you think that will play out in terms of local lockdowns and self-isolation - it's going to be very tricky to...
  9. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Ricky and Ralf

    I thought it was a decent watch. The fact I can relate to almost all of the places they visit bumps it up a bit. Agreed the Brian Blessed jokes are terrible & massively overused.
  10. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    My First, My Last, My Everything - Ayresome Memories 1st and last game

    My first and last memory of Ayresome (inside, at least) was the Stephen Pears Testimonial; the first and only time I visited the ground, as a 10 year old lad. I'd properly got into football only over that season and the season before, and had begged my dad to take me (he used to go for years in...
  11. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    New police guidelines on 'reasonable excuse' to go out

    Yes but you can't go for a run or a walk if you live in a small apartment with other people. What if you don't have a garden or even a balcony or live in a small flat, like hundreds of thousands of families, a youtube exercise video in your front room just won't work, especially for those with...
  12. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    New police guidelines on 'reasonable excuse' to go out

    Really interesting and thanks for posting. Certainly seems a lot more liberal than I (and imagine most people) had envisaged. Good to have some clarity.
  13. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Corona virus data analysis. A fascinating read.

    Exactly. Ferguson is the same advisor who during the beginning of the swine flu 'epidemic' (total of 138 UK deaths) put together an advisory paper stating we should shut all the schools down for a prolonged period of time, and at the start of the current pandemic warned we could see 500k deaths...
  14. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Are the Government massaging the death rate.

    I also struggle to understand how the numbers are still going up each day, when by in large the huge majority of the UK population is staying at home, enforcing social distancing and more than likely wearing gloves and a mask when they do infrequently go the shop. From everything I've read the...
  15. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    David Icke is on form...

    I've not mentioned 5G once, nor do I necessarily believe any link there (but I am open to reading more about the link, and making my own judgement). The 5G link is but one point he discusses (but the one reported in all the media as it is the most 'out-there'), amongst a discussion of many other...
  16. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    David Icke is on form...

    Disagree. You wouldn't discredit everything a person says because of something they were construed as saying 29 years ago. Conversely he's also been bang-on the money about a few things he talked about in the late 90's/early 00's (BBC paedophile ring, 2008 credit crunch/recession). The things he...
  17. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    David Icke is on form...

    I've read and watched a lot of his stuff over maybe the last 10-15 years, and whilst some can be quite 'out-there' and I most certainly don't agree with everything he goes on about, there is a lot of substance in a lot of the things he does talk about, especially in the last couple of videos...
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    Friday or Saturday night drinking route

    Potters bar - game of pool and bottles of carlsberg for a quid Frescos - Triple Vodka and Coke £1.50 Spensleys - 2 for 1 on bottles Cornerhouse - 99p cocktails Royal Exchange - quid a pint Barzantia - 2 for 1 on bottles Empire - 1.50 doubles Bite Inn - buy one get one free with your NUS card...
  19. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Zero chance of a London lockdown

    this exactly - if they put London is in lockdown the rush to get out of there would be phenomenal - most 'young professionals' with no ties other than room rental would be straight back to their home towns, me included.
  20. mymatelookslikephilstamp

    Andrew Weatherall RIP

    Shocked when I read this earlier. True purveyor of the underground, stuck to his guns, never sold out in the slightest, and championed so much fantastic music. Such a young age to go.