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  1. theredrooster

    Neil Warnock on Leo Percovich,Woodgate and coaching at Boro

    Thanks for posting this as I'd not seen it before. I'm sure it wasn't his intention but is there just me that thinks that Warnock's quotes about Leo come across as slightly patronising "specialist substitute coach"?! I must admit given the body language on the bench in the end of season games...
  2. theredrooster

    Dad Jokes - all welcome!

    Will you lot pipe down please, there seems to be another appalling pun added to this thread every sax seconds!
  3. theredrooster

    Dani Ayala linked with Middlesbrough's Championship rivals Swansea City

    I agree he's blotted his copy book with the way he handled his departure. If we get back to full stadiums and he returns to the Riverside he's gone from getting a good reception/round of applause from me to a shrug of ambivalence.
  4. theredrooster

    ST Sales Re-Open to Gold Card Holders

    I'm guessing the club might have gone down this route effectively prioritising gold card holders due to the fall out from Eindhoven. Back then they did a fair open ballot and got criticised by longstanding season ticket holders who missed out on tickets while some newbies got them. I know they...
  5. theredrooster

    Interesting Season Card Confirmation Email

    If he is back it ain't a dream that's for sure!
  6. theredrooster

    ST Sales Re-Open to Gold Card Holders

    As some have already mentioned the club can't win and people will be unhappy however they play it. I'm a gold card holder but hadn't yet renewed before they suspended sales. I'll potentially be able to renew now but, I still think the proposed solution is wrong and devisive. This way we're...
  7. theredrooster

    Who next through the door

    I'm surprised we haven't heard anything about the out of contract players yet (specifically Friend and Johnson). I thought if they were going to sign they would have wrapped it up and announced it hy now, or are they off on their jollies and any talks will be next week?
  8. theredrooster

    Why did qpr let him go?

    They offered him a new contract but the quotes I read from Les Ferdinand were that the club had to make some tough decisions given the economic climate. So reading between the lines they were either offering him reduced wages or a shorter contract than he wanted. He turned their contract down a...
  9. theredrooster

    Sheff Wed 12 POINT PENALTY

    EFL - Extreme F****** Liabilty Bottlers. Wonder whether Derby are wetting themselves though?
  10. theredrooster

    James Wharton - now a Life Peer!

    When I first saw the thread title I thought it was one of those anagram games, but after a few seconds I realised there weren't enough letters to make James Wharton - weasel faced tw@t!
  11. theredrooster

    Grant Hall Set For Medical At Middlesbrough -Update, He Has Signed!

    Sounds like an exact replacement for Ayala then (get that treatment table warmed up for February). Sounds like a good deal for us, all the signs are promising. Hopefully more new faces to come too!
  12. theredrooster

    Sir Alan Parker RIP

    Don't forget Angel Heart, that was a decent Parker film too.
  13. theredrooster

    Which Prime Minister are you?

    Given the results above has this quiz been commissioned by Gordon Brown or something?!
  14. theredrooster

    Season card sales suspended

    I would have thought legally they would have to reopen the deadline, they had a renewal deadline then suspended sales early. I imagine there are thousands of ST holders who fully intend to renew once they have a deadline to pay by (me being one), if the club then start messing them about by...
  15. theredrooster

    Which Prime Minister are you?

    I'm Gordon Brown too apparently, I seriously need to evaluate some of my life choices!
  16. theredrooster

    Barnsley getting a say

    You're right I seem to remember him popping up in the press slagging us off and saying we needed to be punished at every opportunity. Slippery fecker, with a face that has more wrinkles than a tortoises ball sack, never liked him. I think Tony Parkes was another one who was sticking the knife...
  17. theredrooster

    Sunderland suspend season ticket sales at 12k

    They still had time open on the season card renewal deadline so first they'll have to set a new deadline to see how many existing ST holders are renewing so they can finalise numbers. As a ST holder I always intended on renewing but I was leaving it until after the last pay day just before the...
  18. theredrooster

    NEW KIT!!

    They did say on their web page yesterday that the mini kits wouldn't be available at launch and will follow slightly afterwards. Not sure of the age they go up to but it's the ones you can only buy as a complete set with shirts, shorts and socks part of the set. I got my 5 year old a mini kit...
  19. theredrooster

    Grant Hall

    Ditto. Sounds like QPR were trying to offer him reduced terms from reading the BBC article, so the package we offer him will be key. Mind you he'll be able to get more bang for his buck up here than in London. Smog over the smoke every time! 😃
  20. theredrooster

    Will we sign a “tomlin” like player

    It's ironic the flack that Karanka gets from some for his supposedly negative football that he's the last manager we had to consistently have a role for a creative number 10. Fingers crossed Warnock can sign one permanently or at worst persuade Patrick Roberts to come back on loan.