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  1. LeeMiller

    What’s Kevin Blackwell’s next excuse!!

    The time for talking is over. Build the sodding kitchen! I think a huge debt of gratitude is owed to Mrs Blackwell who has been surviving on microwave meals, takeaways and washing up in the bathroom sink. UTB
  2. LeeMiller

    Jebus H Crimony!!! Is that it!!

    Is that all we are as a team. Pathetic. Forget points deductions. We deserve to go down. Could you imagine the reaction of a crowd. No home wins since December. Rubbish
  3. LeeMiller

    Luton and Hull both can’t reach 51 points

    They play each other on Saturday. With our much better GD a point from our remaining two games ensures at least two teams will finish beneath us. That feat is achieved if Luton and Hull draw. And if Barnsley don’t win at Leeds in Thursday, they can’t catch us either.
  4. LeeMiller

    Clive Tyldesley relegated

    ITV have confirmed that Clive has gone down to Comm 2. Sam Matterface is promoted from Dancing in ice to comm 1 Big news....
  5. LeeMiller

    Is today “must win”?

    I say not, as we are still within 3 points if a handful of teams. Possibly must not lose, but where’s the jeopardy. This lack of hyperbole is turning me off watching
  6. LeeMiller

    If we’re not careful, we could be in a relegation scrap

    If current scores hold, we might have an exciting end to season to look forward to.
  7. LeeMiller

    Is this the worst BORO team ever?

    Considering the cost it took to assemble this. Statistically and historically we have had two worse teams. However, even if we do stay up is this the worst you’ve seen?
  8. LeeMiller

    Sean Dyche about to leave Burnley...

    ....for much bigger club Middlesbrough. The way 2020 is going, even this is too far fetched.
  9. LeeMiller

    Would a fit Ayala made any difference?

    Ayala aside, a strange line up to start with.
  10. LeeMiller

    Players refusing to play - Now 4 at Hull

    Three at Charlton And Ayala but he would have been injured 👀 any others out there. How can the competition have any integrity with this going on? Surely the players are in breach of their contract. I know they could feign injury but could the FA not say, contract rebels will have their...
  11. LeeMiller

    Gestede refuses to play worse

    In the wake of the Ayala revelation, I can exclusively reveal the silver lining. Rudy Gestede has vowed to not play as badly as he has previously. This magnanimous gesture has inspired a few of his teammates and the number is growing. Fear not Boro fans, we have a few players who are not only...
  12. LeeMiller

    Restart - Will teams be bothered?

    Also are teams staying over or travelling to and from in the day of the game? I know Swansea are on the fringes of the play offs but how motivated are they going to be? Are they setting off at 04:30 to make the 12:30 KO time? it’s football Jim, but not as we know it.
  13. LeeMiller

    Streaming Service for remaining games

    As a season ticket holder should I already have login details? I don’t wouldn’t know where to log in. also my son has a ST with mine, do we get two logins? All help gratefully received thanks
  14. LeeMiller

    Have we played any friendly’s?

    Hi everyone, been a while since I’ve been on. I hope everyone is as well as can be. Its nice to have something else to think about and the Boro can provide a distraction. I know other clubs have had practice games against each other. I’m sure we are too but can’t see anything, have we?
  15. LeeMiller

    This weekend’s fixtures

    Charlton - Boro Stoke - Hull Wigan - Luton Must not lose for Boro. Draws in the other two? Wigan win to keep Luton below us, or Luton win to try and catch Wigan? Stoke win to pull Hull in or Hull win to potentially go above Stoke
  16. LeeMiller

    The Bottom Three - LIVE

    Good afternoon and welcome to your new interactive experience as the Boro battle to gain entry to the championship’s elite residence. We need your expert insights, to today’s movements. How are you feeling, where do you see the potential pit falls? Sixteen years to the day after our solitary...
  17. LeeMiller

    Sum up the season so far in one word

  18. LeeMiller

    Do you feel sorry for Woodgate?

    We know he’s doing his best, and he’s just finding his feet in this position. However I’ve been employed before in jobs where I wasn’t suited to the role, lacked support and the results were crap. It’s an unhappy time. I really wish he can turn it round, I just don’t see it happening. We’re...
  19. LeeMiller

    Should we stay up, what will give you confidence in Woodgate?

    He’ll have had a years experience. Some of the dead wood will have been moved on. a lot less expectation on the team
  20. LeeMiller

    What tunes to play tonight to get that cack out of our systems?

    I’ve gone back to the 90’s and Suede