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  1. BobUpnDown

    Depp court case against the Sun

    I think it's excellent he's standing up to the Sun - who labelled him a 'wife beater' How many would ask their ex-wives to give testimony as to their character? it will be really interesting to see how the judge decides on the case.... reading these reports I know which actors testimony I'm...
  2. BobUpnDown

    Nick Kyrgios.. the sane voice of 🎾

    Who'd have thought it.. calling Boris, no the other one, a doughnut for defending German tennis player caught out partying when he should be self isolating.. Too many selfish idiots & Boris looking a tool..
  3. BobUpnDown

    Big Boro flag, England v Cameroon

    Big Boro flag in the crowd on the England v Cameroon world cup Italia 90 replay on BBC sport app..
  4. BobUpnDown

    Morecambe of Div2 show PL players the way to go.

    Players at League Two football club Morecambe have pulled together to help support a number of staff furloughed during the coronavirus lockdown. With a few PL clubs furloughing staff & some Spurs & Liverpool spring to mind changing their minds & paying their own staff.... its nice to see the...
  5. BobUpnDown

    Gov & FA on EU players post Brexit

    The FA's latest accounts state Brexit could have "a potential negative impact on the number of European players entering the English game which could result in a devaluation of the domestic rights of English competitions". or.. a positive impact on UK based players & development - playing with...
  6. BobUpnDown

    Italian boy's shirt design used next season..

    A six-year-old boy in Italy is celebrating after his football shirt design was adopted by the professional team Pescara
  7. BobUpnDown

    Bill Withers - RIP - Aint no sunshine..

    81... famous for, one of the great all time songs.. imho..
  8. BobUpnDown

    Big Brother Corona Tracker App..

    I'd have no problem this being active on my mobile for a few months if it led to a far less restrictive situation & less strain on NHS resources..
  9. BobUpnDown

    India, Corona stats could surge

    Way too late taking action, many living in poor conditions & poor health system for majority of huge population.. plus religious dogma still influences life too directly..
  10. BobUpnDown

    Corvid-19 UK Map

    Obviously only confirmed cases.... good hygiene still the best policy..
  11. BobUpnDown

    Corvid-19 an alternate viewpoint from Private Eye

    Makes some fair points, particularly about natural deaths from respiratory disease due to poverty, pollution & weather.
  12. BobUpnDown

    She Believes Cup.. terrible..

    Watching 2nd half & England are abysmal: just no clue.. can't put two passes together, poor game play & mistake after mistake.. Also look two yards short on the Spanish players, though I think another two short in the reading of the game.. Very, very poor.. time for Neville to stand down &...
  13. BobUpnDown

    Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed abducted daughters and threatened wife - UK court

    Tried to stop it becoming public, & used his media friends to mount a character assassination against his wife.. Still he's a billionaire.. he'll carry on as normal with his other corrupt world leaders..
  14. BobUpnDown

    FFP - Villa lost £111.78m getting promoted they reckon they've broke even this season...... if they get relegated they are in the mire again..
  15. BobUpnDown

    Big banana skin

    Liverpool about to equal their own to flight wins record, Match Man City's PL consecutive wins record.. Moyes - never beaten Liverpool as manager with any of his team's.. So 0v1 West Ham then.. that's how these things usually go..
  16. BobUpnDown

    RB Leipzig,

    Good article on the BBC of how they were formed, worked their way up & now face Spurs in the knockout (real) rounds of the Shampions League.... only sign u23 players, no - star - signings, Most players under £20m.. £27m most expensive player.. worked their way up from 5th tier of German...
  17. BobUpnDown

    Championship coverage on BBC web.. GARBAGE

    So one story in last 24 hours on Championship - the 4th biggest league in the world & 2nd biggest in the UK. BBC coverage is just appalling, you have to scroll down to almost the bottom of the page usually to get an active link.. The allow us to select which country we are in & then we get...