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    Fletcher - chance conversion

    Is it just me or does Fletcher rarely miss? Wonder what his conversion rate is but i'm guessing it's way better than Britt's
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    Charlton v Wigan

    If charlton win then we're mathematically safe aren't we?* If Hull v Luton is a draw we're safe and whoever loses can't catch us, if Wigan lose they can't catch us* Come on Chawton! *As long as Wigan are deducted 12 points
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    Championship/Football Manager - favourite players

    Who were your favourite hidden gems? From champ man 01/02 i think. I used to love Tonton Zola Moukoko and Kennedy Bakircioglu, absolute goal machines. Also recall Mark Kerr was a cracking midfielder on it.
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    'Owning' a player

    Is this concept outdated? Feels a bit wrong, realised on the Ashley Flether thread that talking about people in monetary terms sounds archaic.
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    Swing low sweet chariot

    Just watching the England v Scotland Euro 96 replay and was surprised to hear swing low sweet chariot being sung. I thought this was only ever a rugby song, didn't know it used to be sung at England football matches as well.