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  1. Ex Footy Legs

    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    I don’t disagree but everything talked about brexit being a wonderful day for this country is and was a complete lie It will devastate the working classes in his country
  2. Ex Footy Legs

    Legislate to have leavers back of a queue

    Just a reminder today (see the link below) that those who will need their medicines will have to be patient come the turn of the year when the extreme right wing get their way after hoodwinking millions of innocent people. A new dawn has broken, has it not, where our people clasp our hands...
  3. Ex Footy Legs

    McNair ----> Stoke City

    Saville and wing out before McNair Remember, he even played CH for quite a few games earlier in the season and did ok considering!! I like McNair. He isn’t a world beater but a solid player and o Neil rates him clearly from his Ireland days
  4. Ex Footy Legs

    MP Arrested this Evening on Rape Allegation

    These Tory mps masks slip occasionally (see what I did there) Boris won’t be long before he something he cronies can’t reframe or defend 👍 Patience
  5. Ex Footy Legs

    Defend the indefensible

    Thought I’d also get a mention 😮 Never mind, thick skin Will think about something that could stoke your fires 🔥👍 EFL
  6. Ex Footy Legs

    Will we sign a “tomlin” like player

    Any news on Patrick Roberts then ?
  7. Ex Footy Legs

    To All The Tory Voters

    Nhs worker and voted Tory Honestly starplayer. Bless you, you sound like a good guy at heart but to not see through the Tories B/S. If they had a way of doing it they’d have a fully private nhs and the fact that you still and never will really be able to see right through the hollowness of...
  8. Ex Footy Legs

    To be played after NW is announced as our new manager

    I see NW in a similar vein as big jack. Honest, forthright & communicates the truth so well without losing his personality or his integrity Charltons champions Warnocks Winners Warnocks warriors Warnocks wonders Warnocks.......????? (Fill in the blank) 👍😀
  9. Ex Footy Legs

    Morning all

    Agree. Lovely start to the week and I expect it to happen. I reckon he will use the charter flight back to Cornwall area once a week too see wife and grand kids His wife won’t come here when her children are down near Cornwall with her grand kids That new charter flight could be our saviour!!!
  10. Ex Footy Legs


    Randy Of course they exist. They are hundreds and hundreds of sightings. Potentially thousands over the years but because we can’t control them or make sense of them our secular society just essentially ignores them Other life forms watch and observe us but (IMHO) choose not to get too close...
  11. Ex Footy Legs

    Warnock post match press conference

    I thought the opposite and that he was considering himself as Boro manager now As someone above said; he said ‘there’s a good group Here but we need a few new faces’ We. Is the clue He would’ve used ‘you’ ‘need some new faces’ if he was off and not staying Anyway, we’ll know soon enough 👍🙏🏻
  12. Ex Footy Legs

    Whos the commentator on bbc tees

    We need to campaign for this matty nixon Boro lad and brilliant Give Drury the 2am show 👍 Matty Nixon for the future please bbc tees
  13. Ex Footy Legs

    Whos the commentator on bbc tees

    I don’t dislike Drury but he comes out with so many strange comments or observations which just irritate me because I’m thinking, focus on the game but I think he has an ego that he can’t keep under control
  14. Ex Footy Legs

    4 wins 4 losses. 50% win rate

    100% se we’re heading down. No doubt
  15. Ex Footy Legs

    4 wins 4 losses. 50% win rate

    With a team in tatters when he arrived and to get 4 wins has been nothing short of superb Will he agree to continue though ? I think he needs 2 years to completely turn it around Lives in Cornwall though New Flight From Teesside though 👍🤣
  16. Ex Footy Legs

    Whos the commentator on bbc tees

    No one knows but hopefully he has been replaced, he says too many bizarre things and just needs to concentrate on commentary like this lad (Matty) has.
  17. Ex Footy Legs

    Match Thread (Sheff Wed)

    Last 10 mins NW and SG will be sat at the back of the stand negotiating 👍👍🙏🏻🙏🏻
  18. Ex Footy Legs

    Match Thread (Sheff Wed)

    Relax and enjoy it now lads. 3-0 to Leeds 🤣🤣🤣
  19. Ex Footy Legs

    Match Thread (Sheff Wed)

    Since his broken nose really
  20. Ex Footy Legs

    Whos the commentator on bbc tees

    Wilko. Agree