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  1. Druss_The_Legend

    25% off goalkeepers tomorrow 😁

    I honestly didn't (badly) edit this Tweet much (ok maybe a little).
  2. Druss_The_Legend

    Clash Royale and Clash of clans, anyone play?

    Just curious if anyone on here plays either of them, I'm pretty high level on both but have taken a break from clash of clans to concentrate on clash Royale after big update. I find them a good way to relax and have the odd 10 mins here and there or if I'm waiting in the car whilst Mrs is at an...
  3. Druss_The_Legend

    Sky Glass, anyone tried it yet?

    Me and my Mrs are platinum VIP on sky, and have just signed up for sky glass(our TV was on the way out so would of had to buy a TV anyway). I'm quite excited about it, first 4k TV I have owned. It's getting delivered 1st week in November. Just wondered if anyone else has one yet and what it's...
  4. Druss_The_Legend

    JLS comfirmed to be playing Live at the riverside this season

    announced on MFC twitter
  5. Druss_The_Legend

    Alan Hudson wants his FA record deleted. I apologise if this has already been posted. It's an interesting situation to follow and how the FA will deal with it. Maybe they will go all Football Manager and change his name to...