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    How’s your Fantasy Football season going?

    It’s been a tough one with all these postponements 🤬
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    Our first choice front two

    I think it’s got to be Sporar playing just behind Balogun. a bit harsh on Watmore maybe, but him and Connolly both great options to bring off the bench
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    Poster on here from years ago who was well into his cooking?

    Think he was from Northallerton way?
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    Joe Linton - turns out he was a box to box midfielder all along!

    Playing well to be fair
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    People you are sick of seeing EVERYWHERE on telly

    1. That Romesh Ranganathan bloke.
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    Matt Smith interviewing Pep on bt sport there

    Why is he talking to him like English is his second language?? gone all Schteve Mcclaren 😂😂😂
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    Midfield 3 with Payero now fit

    I’m not sure how he can get in the team at the moment?? can’t see wilder not playing Tav. Maybe play Crooks deeper in place of Howson? Or could Payero play the deeper role, like Norwood at Sheff Utd? or could he play as a number 10 just off a striker? More likely he’ll be warming the bench I...
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    He’s scored a couple of tap ins, yes, and he’s a young lad just starting out in the game… but crikey, he looks a long way off the pace at this level in his all round play
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    The most talented Boro players you’ve seen at the Riverside

    I think my top 3 would be (in no particular order) Ziege Merson Juninho I remember those three playing on a different level to their team mates, and quite often showing their frustration that they weren’t up to it Honourable mention to Emerson in his first 3 months, but I think he was...
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    This centre forward for Luton

    Warnock will be taking his begging bowl to Steve Gibson in the morning 😀 Would be ideal for us
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    Team tomorrow?

    I’m guessing just a toss up between Uche and Watmore?
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    Anyone on here post on “Red Roar” ?

    The owner seems to have a lot to say about this board, and Rob in particular. have you been in touch with him Rob? I think he wants to buy you out 😮
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    What formation was that tonight? Seemed like a good old 442

    First half especially was a definite 442. When attacking, Peltier seemed to almost tuck into a centre mid position. A la Cancelo at City. who said Warnock is a dinosaur 😀
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    Your Euro 2020 team of the tournament

    Sommer Spinazzola Maguire Chiellini Shaw Jorginho Pedri Sterling Insigne Damsgaard Schick
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    Pubs with outdoor screens

    Looks a scorcher this weekend! Any recommendations for somewhere in the area to watch the England match outside on Sunday? 🍺🍺🍺
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    If any of the lads on RR are reading this

    Very sorry to hear about KD. Shocking news. mk50.
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    Nat Phillips at the back for Liverpool there

    Son of Jimmy 👍🏻