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  1. futureboy

    Still bitter

    Geoff Eltringham awarded a penalty today for a foul by Tomas Kalas. Why did this combination of names and events trigger a feeling of deep bitterness within me...?
  2. futureboy

    Referee blocks goalbound shot - this is the sort of thing that normally happens to us!! This must be one of the only things left on the list of bizarre ways we've managed to not score a certain goal. Although in our case, the ref would probably throw himself in front of the shot and make a brilliant fingertip save.
  3. futureboy

    Ballooning shots over the bar

    Is it my imagination, or do we do it a lot more often than other teams?
  4. futureboy

    One-off Boro appearances/goals you've seen in person

    I hope that thread title makes sense. What have you seen (in person, at the ground) that a lot of other Boro fans might not have seen? One-off appearances - I was at Fulham for Alex Baptiste's only appearance, and I was at Charlton for Dejan Stojanovic's debut, which is the only time Boro fans...
  5. futureboy

    Official Season Review DVDs

    I never owned any of these DVDs, but in the last few days I've enjoyed watching the 04-05 and 05-06 Season Reviews, which are available to watch on YouTube, and it left me wanting more. The 07-08 is on YouTube too, but after a few minutes the audio goes wildly out of sync with the video (not...
  6. futureboy

    This season's replica shirt - sizes?

    Looking at buying some replica kit, especially as it's on sale now. But I need to buy online so I won't be able to try anything on, and I've had mixed luck over the years with shirt sizing. I am, to put it bluntly, a fat b****d, and while I'm usually able to pick the right size, the last time I...