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    Solicitor recommendation please

    Yeah, another for Jackson's here. No issues with them from my experience!
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    Must do better [Pics]

    I've heard it all now!!
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    Been told AJ will not rematch Usyk in Spring and Fury is staying away as well

    If AJ was to step aside (he's already come out and denied it), the money would have to come from Top Rank/Bob Arum. Not a chance Arum pays another fighter £15m to step aside, especially one that he doesn't promote! He doesn't even pay his own fighters that well with maybe the exception of Fury...
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    Steve Gibson open letter to Derby Administrators

    not sure he can just hand over the stadium that he valued at £80m for free!!
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    FIFA Football Awards 2021

    Fair enough, it was just an assumption.
  6. supermfc

    FIFA Football Awards 2021

    I don't think the award was for best coach of a woman's team, it was woman coach of the year regardless if they coached a mans or woman's team!
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    Leeds Youth Buying Policy

    if they buy ten highly rated youth players at £1m each... nine of them might not make it but the one that does might sell for £15m+ which covers the loss of the others that didn't make it!
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    Artificial grass

  9. supermfc

    Robert Snodgrass

    Yeah SMI
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    Robert Snodgrass

    Not that it makes a difference but his agent is from Middlesbrough
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    Ghislane Maxwell

    from the BBC 22:41 What has Maxwell been found guilty of? Let's take another look at the charges Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of at her trial in New York.The jury found the 60-year-old guilty on five out of the six charges she faced. They are: Count One: conspiracy to entice minors...
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    Ghislane Maxwell

    I've read maximum 65 years which at her age is a life sentence!
  13. supermfc

    Get out of this Johnson

    As much as I hate Boris, I dont think there is anything wrong with this. If I remember correctly, we were allowed in beer gardens from March/April time in groups of six! This is no different!
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    Latest from my youngun, he's buzzing

    Pretty cool DJ
  15. supermfc

    Latest from my youngun, he's buzzing

    interested to know which dj/label it was!
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    Aftershave advice

    You absolutely can!!
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    Those inappropriate ads are back 😡

    The 'trash talk' between posters on this site is tragic 🤣
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    Kieron Dyer needs liver transplant

    Just because no one replied to you doesn't mean no ones cares, get over yourself!!
  19. supermfc

    If I’m honest

    cos he's usually full of sh1t!!!