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  1. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Couple of bewers on Pointless...

    With zero football knowledge managed to get 3 pointless football related answers in the final. I'm well impressed. The answers were, Kazakhstan, Israel and Benin. What was the question?
  2. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be..

    Proud to be a Smoggie 🤔
  3. Cogeur_le_Conq

    I love buses, me like...

  4. Cogeur_le_Conq

    BBC Radio Derby live

    Just about to kick off now
  5. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Eng v Pol 1973

    This link just popped as a notification on YouTube. I've just started to watch. God I feel old...
  6. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Great discussion on FNF

    Simon Jordan and Gary Neville talking about the enforcement of EFL rules, parachute payments and wage caps, pitch side at the Brighton v Palace game. I loved the opening words talking about tonight's game being work, not a party 😂 I hope a transcript appears of this live discussion.
  7. Cogeur_le_Conq

    JLS and other UK based ACON players.

    I think we will see less and less African players taking up premium squad numbers in UK and European teams. It has been highlighted this week just how toothless Liverpool are without their ACON players and could ultimately scupper their EPL title challenge. I can only see it getting worse...
  8. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Mackems v Lincoln

    Down to 10 men and 0-2 down. What a shame. I'm watching it on the Lincoln channel with no comms. The smackems are revolting 😂🥂👍🏃🏃🏃🏃🏃
  9. Cogeur_le_Conq

    RIP Dicko and Jonah old skool Boro

    I heard of Dave Dickson (Dicko) passing from lung cancer 3 weeks ago, but couldn't make the funeral yesterday. I called a friend to ask about the do and got the news that Peter Jones (Jonah) had also died a few days later. These were my idols in the late 60s/early 70s, being stalwarts of the...
  10. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Auction between Dirties and Jawdees for Tav

    Who'll win?
  11. Cogeur_le_Conq

    I need a Boro fix

    Laid up in bed and being unsociable. I'm going to be bored sh1tless tonight. I hate watching Hogmanny whether it's Joolz (look at me) Holland or Andy Stewart. I can't find any live BBC Tees Sport stream tonight and don't know of any live podcasts which will be discussing the last 24 hours'...
  12. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Watch them ban Boro fans from travelling

    I'm absolutely fuming. If they force us to play, I wouldn't be surprised if the EFL banned visiting supporters because we took > 3k to Blackpool In fact, I think, nothing will surprise me anymore with the shower of shytes ru(i)nning the people's game.
  13. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Class from Antonio Conte v Chewski

    I couldnt remember whether I liked him or not when he was at Chelsea. This may have been posted before, but it's the first time I've seen it and I think it deserves a (RE) - post for those who haven't seen it. Nice touch..
  14. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Time doesn't half go slow when we're doing well

    I'm refreshing pages in loads of forums and news sites every 10 seconds at the moment. The Sheff U match and transfer window seem to be getting even further away, the more I do it.
  15. Cogeur_le_Conq

    BBC Tees review of 2021

    It's amazing how much we have improved listening to the season's commentary highlights (sic). They've just reminded me about last year's January window. Bolasie, Kebano and Mendez-Laing. I'd love to see the Wilder effect on Yannik Bolasie and Neeskens Kebano. I wouldn't be unhappy with...
  16. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Teesside supergroup?

    Steve Harland (moderator of the Rock Garden FB group) has just posted this great pic on there...
  17. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Is it tomorrow yet?

    I've not tested positive for deludo-jawdeeitus but I reckon I'm showing symptoms. I can't wait for the Blackpool game and fully expect us to get automatic promotion and win the FA Cup. 👍 I'll probably be brought back to earth after the game is called off and somehow we get a points deduction
  18. Cogeur_le_Conq

    EFL on Quest

    Let's see if they manage to give us only 30 seconds on tonight's show
  19. Cogeur_le_Conq

    Boro Forest Live on Sky???

    I've got SSN on in the background and I think I heard them say the Blackburn game has been postponed, but Sky viewers can now watch our game
  20. Cogeur_le_Conq

    BBC Tees best of the guests 2021

    Just listening to the first of a two parter on catch up. Not living in the Teesside catchment area its the first time I've heard these discussions/interviews. I've just been listening to Sol Bamba talking about his introduction to professional foitball at PSG and now Neil Warnock talking about...