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  1. Druss_The_Legend

    Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule

    I tend to just carry on as normal, if they try to overtake then I will move over as much as is safe to do so. I used to get really angry about it and slow right down especially if it's a road they can't overtake, but as I have got older and more chilled I just let them get on with it.
  2. Druss_The_Legend

    Brian Clough Statue Petition

    Surely a life size Juninho one would be half price he is only little. 😂
  3. Druss_The_Legend

    Nostalgia ain't what it used to be..

    Thanks for sharing that. I knew or recognised loads of people in the videos(I grew up in Grangetown and South Bank). It was strange watching it especially since I moved away when I was 21(I'm 37 now) and things hadn't changed much between when they where filmed and when I moved away in 2005. Not...
  4. Druss_The_Legend

    Boro v Derby: some bizarre ideas from the Derby fans forum.....

    The irony is we play them 2 days before valentines day.
  5. Druss_The_Legend

    Ugo Ehiogu Memorial

    This photo is on the MFC website. Think this is a nice photo of him
  6. Druss_The_Legend

    Chris Wilder

    Let's Just hope Gareth Southgate keeps the England job for a long long time! The FA love Boro as the feeder club for England managers 🤣
  7. Druss_The_Legend

    The Unofficial "Official" Boro v Reading Matchday Thread and Programme

    How much did we pay for Crooks? £1m comes to mind but I could be wrong. He is quickly becoming A George Friend type bargain, definitely the potential to become a Boro legend and a firm fans favourite.
  8. Druss_The_Legend

    Celtic reaction to Riley McGree signing for Boro.

    Rumour has it Gullivers travels was influenced by Celtic. One minute they are giants among small clubs, then they get into Europe and become a small club amongst giants. 😁
  9. Druss_The_Legend

    McGree signs

    Just been watching some of his YouTube clips and he reminds me of Grealish, his close ball control which gets defenders diving in and fouling him. Also that scorpion kick goal was unreal, I know YouTube isn't the best scouting platform but it's the best I can use until he is in a Boro shirt lol.
  10. Druss_The_Legend

    My already fragile mental health

    It's going to feel like the hardest thing in the world, but get out of bed and do something small but positive. Even if it is starting to read a book you have wanted to read for a while, or starting to learn a new hobby you have fancied. Give yourself a little victory and achievement no matter...
  11. Druss_The_Legend

    My already fragile mental health

    5 years ago I was in a bad way, my marriage was breaking down, I was self harming and just not in a good place, looking back I had been not mentally stable since my teens. I eventually got a diagnosis and got put on the right medication. Fast forward to the present I live a pretty normal day to...
  12. Druss_The_Legend

    Kieran Scott Article in the Northern Echo

    It's nice to see a dad and his son spending some quality time together at a football match 😁
  13. Druss_The_Legend

    Chelsea to ban parents who allow kids to run onto the pitch

    in a stadium far far away(London) Son: Dad can you buy me an Xbox series X? Dad: No, I'm not made of bloody money. Son: Dad, is it true that if I run onto the pitch you will you lose your season ticket? Dad: What games do you want with your Xbox?
  14. Druss_The_Legend

    Need to create a song for Manure fans to hear..

    Fergies up in Scotland Beckham's in the US In a place called Manchester Man City are the best.
  15. Druss_The_Legend

    Veterinary nurse advising people not to walk dog on beaches

    Definitely something fishy going on.
  16. Druss_The_Legend

    Oil on the drive

    I'm not speaking from personal experience, but wouldn't something along the lines of scrubbing it with oven cleaner and a hard bristle brush get rid of it. My theory is oven cleaners are designed to break down cooked oils in a oven so might help with motor oil also(this is just a random idea so...
  17. Druss_The_Legend

    Grant Hall

    Ameobi has to be in the top 10 worst signings, not the worst player we have signed but injured himself slipping on the wet ink when signing his contract, or something along them lines.
  18. Druss_The_Legend

    Grant Hall

    🎼🎸🎵🎶 "Well, my name it is Grant Hall, Grant Hall. Yes, my name it is Grant Hall, it is Grant Hall. My name it is Grant Hall an' I hate you, one and all. An' I hate you, one and all Damn your eyes." 🎶🎵🎸 I can't help singing this Johnny Cash song in my head when ever I hear his name(I know the...
  19. Druss_The_Legend

    IMHO, the best footballer to play for the Boro made his debut this day 1973

    Ironically 1973 was the year Juninho was born who Is in my opinion the best player to play for Middlesbrough in my lifetime.