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  1. dooderooni

    The Hazards of Saudi money According to reports in Spain, Eden Hazard has said no to a lucrative move to the Geordies. "Hazard ‘said no’ to the proposal from the Magpies and wants to join a ‘big player’ in football with Newcastle ‘not...
  2. dooderooni

    I hope Gibbo can find the funds... support Wilder because I honestly think he can not only take us up, but keep us there with his brand of football. I've not been shy of criticism regarding some management decisions since Aitor left, but to be fair, Steve has always found cash for his managers.
  3. dooderooni

    CLE @ GB tonight

    How can the officials miss such a blatant hold on Peoples Jones on our final drive? Given the 4 INT's that Baker threw, we could have won that easily. Not sure how I feel about Baker getting picked up next year though. He's decent, but maybe not a Super Bowl QB. If we didn't have such a poor...
  4. dooderooni

    Californian invents time machine

    Larry Elder, the Republican challenger to California Governor Gavin Newsome, has invented a time machine which allowed his website to detect fraudulent voting in an election which hasn't even taken place ;) We might have a bunch of untruthful, robbing b***ds in government here, but the US is...
  5. dooderooni

    Is Warnock making a point here?

    Subbing our strikers for Spence and Tav? Highlights how little we have in the squad to the backroom team?
  6. dooderooni

    Olympic MTB race

    Currently on the red button, Pidders is on a proper big one, MvdP is struggling. Catch it if you can.
  7. dooderooni

    Tonight's lineups

    Not talking about the match, but the in-studio lineups. I reckon the Beeb will go for the full English with Big Al Shearer, Micah Richards, Rio and Alex Scott the first names on the teamsheet. ITV will have Neville and an assortment of foreigners alongside Keane and Souness in my opinion. BBC to...
  8. dooderooni

    I am Zorro re BBC Look North

    I'm not actually him, but I'm going to channel his spirit a bit. Piece on the lunchtime news about England and the picture on screen is of Pickford and Henderson that then scrolls to Kane and then there's a vox pop in Newcastle followed by Shearer. Typical bias, no mention of Sir Gareth and his...
  9. dooderooni

    So, what now for footballs future?

    Separate from the rightful condemnation of these ESL proposals, why don't we discuss how football could move forward? Plenty of fans, us included, have questioned how we can ever compete without being bought out by a billionaire. If we kick out the 6 then why not seize the opportunity to...
  10. dooderooni

    Amstel Gold race

    I won't spoil it, but it's worth catching up on if you didn't have the privilege of watching it live.
  11. dooderooni

    Paris Roubaix postponed...

    ...until later in the year. Not news really as everyone was expecting it, but a disappointment nevertheless.
  12. dooderooni

    When we're all cycling to the cafe...

    Will be riding in our Adidas Samba SPD's? Teessidefashiontastic
  13. dooderooni

    Cyclings Spring Classics

    Today sees the start of the spring classics which kick off with the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. If you're a dedicated watcher then I can recommend paying £20 for GCN+ which, depending on where you are in the world, gives you ad-free, uninterrupted coverage of a shedload of races and on demand access...
  14. dooderooni

    Free photo resizer for Android

    This is a question that gets asked on here every so often so this is a paid app that is currently free for the next 24 hours. Free stuff
  15. dooderooni

    For the love of Volvo

    When I win the lottery I'm getting one of these...
  16. dooderooni

    The Brown's are gonna Brown

    Can't believe we might miss out on the playoffs after losing to the Jets tonight. Only we could manage to lose our entire receiving squad to Covid protocols after they all shared a recovery pool dip with someone who tested positive. Squeaky bum time next week.
  17. dooderooni

    Words and phrases that changed in 2020

    'Super-spreader' was probably never uttered outside a porn studio. 'He should be wearing a mask' was restricted to ugly blokes. I'm sure the creative brains can come up with some others.
  18. dooderooni

    Thank you Buffalo

    Good win over the Steelers today and now, as a Brown's fan, I'm already dreaming of clinching the AFC North title against them on the last day of the regular season. The small matter of the Ravens tonight notwithstanding of course ;)
  19. dooderooni

    Dido has to self-isolate

    Her own app has flagged her up as needing to stay home.
  20. dooderooni

    The phone of the near future?

    This looks fantastic in my opinion :geek: Roll-out display