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    Bournemouth game and Covid rules

    Am I correct in assuming fans will have to have a Covid passport for this game? Would the card showing I have had a booster vaccine be suffice? How do people think this is going to be policed and will it be time consuming for the stewards? Why do I think this is not going to run smoothly at all?
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    Promotion prospect

    I hope we can copy Readings promotion experience about 7 years ago. If I recall correctly they started the season stuttering and inconsistent, not unlike ourselves this season, in the bottom half of the table. They then found a vein of form around November, went on a 15 game unbeaten run and...
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    Middlesbrough centre experience.

    Went into Middlesbrough shopping today and was quite shocked at people clearly high on illicit subtances walking around, unchallenged, shouting abuse at everyone and no one in particular, or singing and dancing wildly to the buskers music. I did spot two patrolling community support officers, or...
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    Pet Shop Rules

    Does anyone know the rules around stroking the animals/birds or touching them in Pet shops before buying them? I have just been banned from my local pet shop. The manager said the reason was stroking the parrots on display. I am really angry about this as I didn't realise you could not do that...
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    Stadium announcer

    I am assuming 'Me Mark Page' will not be the announcer tomorrow? Wonder who it will be? The long haired young man maybe? Or someone new? Some new half time entertainment would be refreshing for a new start to the season. UTB.
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    Can you imagine......

    ....Stepping forward to take a penalty in front of a packed stadium and 60 million people watching. The hopes of the nation in your hands? No pressure there then. They will be other situations equally stressful no doubt, but I cannot think of a more nerve wracking situation now, except maybe...
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    Mason Mounts shirt

    Going into the crowd to hand his shirt over to a little girl was so touching. Her little face, which quickly burst into tears, personifies why this is the greatest sport in the world. The players now have humility, they can relate to the fans, they are united. Unlike some of the under achievers...
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    Prince Edward interview

    I'm not much of a royalist but I admire the Queen for her tireless service to duty. Watching the interview on BBC this morning of Prince Edward highlights the humility and compassion of the man. When asked about his grieving over his grandfather he immediately stressed that many people have...
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    Recommendation for plasterers please?

    Selling my house in East Cleveland. Small area of ceiling in kitchen needs plastering before the kitchen is painted. Any recommendations for plasterers, or possible quotes would be much appreciated?
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    Back to normality re attendances

    How soon do people think it will be until we are all allowed to return to our seats for a game? The vaccination programme is very successful and research shows very few infections are caused outside. These have got to be positive surely?
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    Price to hang wooden door and recommendations please?

    Looking for someone to price up shortening a kitchen door and hanging it. It was taken off for new carpet to be fitted. Any advice on cost and recommendations would be much appreciated.
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    Nicola Sturgeon 'interrogation'

    Currently watching the Holyrood Inquiry. The Chair and panel is really putting her through the mangle. They are certainly taking no prisoners or bull.... from NS.
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    Strange sight when walking at night

    Doing my usual evening walk last night I came across a small dog fighting a porcupine amongst some bushes. Crazy situation to encounter. Is this something you would see often?
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    Painters recommendations please?

    Could anyone recommend a decent painter/painters that cover East Cleveland area please? Looking at quotes for dining room/lounge and kitchen in terraced house. Just painting over existing wallpaper if possible? I am a pensioner so would be looking at a reasonable, not extortionate quote. Any...
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    David Bowie - Will we ever see the like again?

    Watching the tribute to the great man yesterday evening. I grew up listening to his music and in awe of the song lyrics. Incredible musician who influenced so many others, a fashion icon also, and musical genius. The term 'Legend' is thrown around far too much these days but in Bowies case it is...
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    New member: I regularly check this site and enjoy the Boro banter so have decided to join. Go easy on me please? UTB haha.

    Hi, New Member here. I regularly check this site and enjoy the 'Boro banter so have decided to join. Go easy on me please? UTB. ( haha)