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    Songs with animal sounds in the backgroud

    Charly - The Prodigy.
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    No way is that a penalty in the Liverpool game. VAR is pathetic.!

    That wasn't really VAR though. Ref gave the push by Kane... although it was more a dive by Thiago.
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    Men Bring Corpse into Post Office to Claim Pension.

    Bizarre that they thought it could work.
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    Championship Form Table

    I thought the Cov v QPR result was alright. And Bournemouth losing. Just a bit disappointing that Huddersfield won.
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    "Harder harder Cuthbert, harder...."

    Chelsea ladies bringing the game in to disrepute. (That said, I'm surprised someone thought it was appropriate for BBC breakfast)!!
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    "Harder harder Cuthbert, harder...."

    No, not what my Mrs. was saying last night... :( (Some of you have dirty minds). I was commenting on the Chelsea ladies scorers in their match this week.
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    Full Allocation for Man Utd - 9,443 tickets

    Yeah. Say sold out on MFC website. Amazing.
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    Full Allocation for Man Utd - 9,443 tickets

    Fair play. I was thinking it was on general sale already, and that was why it was selling out!!
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    Priority points system

    There is for fans with less points! They don't use enough levels in the points system IMO. I think they usually drop from about 70 points to general sale. For something like a play off final, there will be fans who literally never go to a game, but who want to go to Wembley. Personally I think...
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    Looking for 2 tickets for Boro v Man U

    Did these not make to to general sale then? What were the point bands?
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    Yorkshire Salad

    Cucumber!! 🥒😲 It tastes just enough to be unpleasant, but not quite enough to be worth picking out of things! Wretched stuff 🤣
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    Tory MP defects to Labour

    Seems like there ought to be a bi election to me. (Clearly Labour would win, but it feels like it's undemocratic for him to just switch)?
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    Are you saying that Tav isn't good enough for us in the Championship, but will thrive in the Premier League? - I would have thought he needs to be setting the Championship on fire to thrive in the P.L.
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    Middlesbrough boss explains decision to move on James Lea-Siliki [Echo]

    It read to me like we're accepting that we've agreed to buy him, but now want to get rid. The complicated bit being that he's technically not ours to sell yet? It sounds like we need Rennes to agree that we can sell him before we'll actually be able to! A bit of a strange one.
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    Middlesbrough boss explains decision to move on James Lea-Siliki [Echo]

    I think it makes it sound like we've already committed to buy him permanently at the end of his loan spell. Doesn't sound like an 'option'. Seems like we're trying to sell him before we buy him... which is a bit of an unusual one! Edit: I reckon this must be the downside of being a footballer...
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    'Boris Johnson lied to Parliament' - Cummings

    I think they are being snakey politicians. I reckon everyone knows Johnson is going, but they want him to go with as much of the sh t stuck to him as possible. Edit: Plus I'm not sure anyone else is mad for the job at the moment!
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    Burnley v Watford - May be Off Too

    Burnley are starting to rack up their games in hand aren't they!
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    End of the BBC

    Yeah, this is an interesting point. I've seen the BBC slagged off on here so many times for being the government's puppet. Now that they're talking about scrapping the licence fee, people don't seem to want to think about it changing.
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    End of the BBC

    . I get what you're saying. However, with Council Tax or Income Tax, I guess we all accept that some things we use and some we don't. It's within a basket of services though. The TV licence is a stand alone tax, and as such probably a bit easier to determine whether you use it or not.
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    Where do you think we will end up this season?

    Yeah, fingers crossed that helps to fix it. ✌️