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  1. Otto42

    In The Mixer: The Story of Premier League Tactics

    Started this a while a go and just gone back to it, interesting observations of how tactically football has evolved (rather than how money has ruined the game!). A chapter on playing between the lines interesting as a Boro fan, as Juninho is one of the many examples cited. Writer suggests that...
  2. Otto42


    There's definitely a player there....some good touches today. One bright spark from a poor first half.
  3. Otto42

    England 11 for 2022....

    This is as predicted by an Independent journalist in 2013. Interesting to see who was predicted to partner Sturridge up front....our very own Chubba
  4. Otto42

    Norwich v Boro play off final

    Six years ago today if only Jelle Vossen's shot had been a little lower and Aitor had ordered the coach to come half an hour earlier 🙄
  5. Otto42

    Pat Nevin - The Accidental Footballer

    This looks like a fantastic read. Felt a little sad reading the review, as Pat's views on football and how it should compliment rather than consume your life aren't really something fashionable in the social media age. Particularly liked his take on sectarianism and the story of John Neal and...
  6. Otto42

    Steve Round

    I hadn't realised he was assistant manager at Arsenal now, not surprising he turned his nose up at being Woodgate's 'assistant' with us. I wonder why he's never fancied a go at being a manager, got some great experience as an assistant not least with us? Wonder if he was ever in the frame when...
  7. Otto42

    Today's Live Stream?

    Don't seem tom be able to buy a pass for today on the website, is this just me?
  8. Otto42


    Anyone else thinking we might have seen him before in a different guise?!
  9. Otto42

    Strange Flashbacks

    Woody's just been on South Today, talking about getting 'them three points' on Saturday. I wonder if the table will be lying on Monday.
  10. Otto42

    Great finish by Bamford

    Wish the Boro had a player like that. Thanks Uncle Tony🙄
  11. Otto42

    Saturday v Birmingham

    See we kick off at 12:30....assume we are the Sky game?
  12. Otto42

    Revenue from streaming

    Anyone know what kind of viewing figures we are getting for our home match streams and does the revenue go directly to the club or do sky hold the rights? If this can be properly monetised it could help smaller clubs in these difficult times.
  13. Otto42

    Ever seen a Geordie lift a cup?

    Maybe this year?
  14. Otto42


    Showing what happens when you appoint a proper manager....take note Mr Gibson!