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    Robbo on our 3pts article today

    We wanted the “Hollywood” nadal skgning. surely we would have been better off making an earlier move for the likes of Pallister and / or Cooper
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    Just how many goals are Fulham going to score this season?

    Kebano playing week in, week out for them
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    Finally found a replacement for Gary O’Neil 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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    Djed _ Highly sought after

    I can understand the links to Italy, as a lot of them play with wing backs. can’t see him going to Arsenal though. He’s never a full back, never mind a top end of the premier league one
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    Chrissy Wilder said……..

    that’s actually brilliant 🤣
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    'Footy Adventures' at our game yesterday

    Great video that, really enjoyed it. Seemed like a good bloke 👍🏻 he picked some real raconteurs to interview pre-match 😂
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    Arsenal Spurs postponed

    Apparently they had ONE positive Covid case
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    Did Flo Balogun look good

    Like the Yak 👍🏻
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    There’s something special happening here

    On this, I definitely do 🤣
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    There’s something special happening here

    Has anyone ever pointed out to you that you have an EVER SO SLIGHT passive aggressive tone to your posts 😂😂
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    There’s something special happening here

    “In terms of signing a player, my role really comes in right at the end, and that’s the deal. Of course, I need to see the players and agree they’re right for the club and that the manager is on board, but the shortlisting and scouting, and the early part of the work, is done by the recruitment...
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    There’s something special happening here

    You know best 👍🏻
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    There’s something special happening here

    Apparently it’s the new fella who deals with the negotiations for getting deals over the line 👍🏻
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    There’s something special happening here

    That’s a relief 😂
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    There’s something special happening here

    let’s see how the signings he’s made this transfer window do first. recruitment hasn’t always been Wilder’s strong suit
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    Left Hand Side

    “Riley can play as one of the two 8s, can play left wing-back and a 10 as well, so very versatile and a talented young player who we’re delighted to bring to the football club.”
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    Holloway purring about Wilder and the team

    McNair was a number 10 all through the Man Utd youth teams. think he got his chance in the first team when they had an injury crisis at centre back, and people just assumed that’s where he’d always played
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    on the tin-foil hat, anti-vax, naughty step 😂
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    Andy Carrol

    I didn’t even know he was playing 1st half
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    Andy Carrol

    Would not suit our style of play in the slightest