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    FAO admin

    Can you please see thread on me from poster 10 Hickton. He has posted a threatening message and I would like to report it. Absolutely disgusting and it’s a bit far to see a comment like that on a football message board. Get rid of him off the board or I will leave the board and do not give him...
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    Moukoudi in midfield for the duration of the game

    F***ing unbelievable. **** off man
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    Guessing the formation is the following? Stojanovic Fry Moukoudi Friend Howson Morrison Saville Roberts Johnson Fletcher Assombalonga Plenty of creativity on the pitch!! Could work. Very BOLD selection from the gaffer let’s hope it pays off
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    Lee Johnson

    Sacked by Bristol City
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    Marcus Browne

    Just scored a good goal for Oxford in the play off semi vs Pompey. Does he have a future at the boro?
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    Cole Kiernan

    Boro have signed the 18 year old striker from Sunderland, signing his first professional contract. Let’s hope he’s a gem 💎
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    Water Breaks and the referee.

    Let me start off by saying after the first water break we were absolutely awful. For about 70 minutes we were awful but so were they. The only thing I will say is in the first 20 minutes there was a natural flow to the game but once the first water break happened, then the ref kept giving fouls...
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    Team for Sunday

    I would go 3 5 2 our centre halves aren’t good enough to play in a 2 consistently. Stojanovic ( not convinced with him yet like) Fry Moukoudi Friend Spence if he’s ok Tav Howson Saville Coulson Fletcher Assombalonga
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    Think Tav has been better the Roberts in each of the last 2

    Time to start him?
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    Lewis Wing

    Get him sold.
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    Kevin Blackwell interview Seems a great personality and right hand man. What an improvement on Keane!
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    Huge game tonight.

    Gonna go for another 0-2 win. Leave work about 15 mins early I reckon
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    Signed another years contract. Will be 43 at the end of it. Fairplay to him he absolutely loves it haha! What a keeper he’s been.
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    Ashley Fletcher

    Looks like he has a year to go on his contract. Would you offer him a new one in the summer? I would. I don’t want to lose him and he’s getting better and better and think he’s enjoying it here and feels a big part of it. Still at a good age where he can improve aswell and hopefully bag even...
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    This wannabe Derby fan from the old board

    Can we please make sure he doesn’t ever get an account for this forum? Blokes clearly a sad individual. And seems a bit of a stalker. Glad I don’t post much in the old board anymore and this board is troll free.
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    Thought Warnock was brave yesterday

    Going with Johnson and Spence as orthodox full backs with Friend CB. And it absolutely payed off. I was expecting 3412 when I seen the line up but it was more a 433 or 4312 and it worked brilliantly. Loved the pleasant surprise of Howson in the holding midfield role, I think we have oursleves a...
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    Howson’s Half volley’d pass for Tavs goal.

    Absolutely quality. Hope he stays. Top player and pro
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    My man Saville

    Was exceptional in the first half. He must start games. Definetly one to keep and build around for me, especially in a Neil Warnock team, he’s his type of player down to a tee. Think Savile and McNair play well together as they have that connection from the Northern Ireland team. And they both...
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    Early Kicks Offs Thread

    Come on QPR , Millwall and Swansea. Would be good to see some results go our way prior to our game.
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    God I wish we could go to the game today

    Would of been great travelling down to Stoke to see Warnocks first game, fans would of been in great voice. Such a massive shame. Let’s hope we can do a job on them, I reckon a 1-1 draw but would be absolutely delighted if we sneak a win.