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  1. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Wet underfloor heating

    Sorry for reposting on here, it seems this place is the busiest nowadays Does anybody here have a ballpark figure on how much this costs at all? The space i'm looking at is at a guess 35-40m2. Concrete floor in a property that was built about 11 years ago. Not something I'm looking at...
  2. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Suprised to see Stewart Downing released at Blackburn

    He'll be back in some capacity I agree. Too obvious
  3. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    We're all in this together

    Mike I do appreciate your open mindedness and dont want to come across as a doyle but in these circumstances there is no defense whatsoever for this. Given that there are thousands of public sector workers who are in a similar position - will they be given £10k? I work in counter terrorism...
  4. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    My son is ill

    Hey Red, All the evidence shows that kids are incredibly well protected from this virus. I have a 5 year old who has significant vulnerabilities with his lungs and I can totally empathise with how anxious you must be. Take just the tiniest bit of comfort in knowing that he has everything on...
  5. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Boris Johnson is in intensive care

    Jesus Kuepper - what a shyte human being you are. No better than The Tories that you profess to hate so much. You give other left leaning individuals (like me) a terribly bad name. I hope you've been drinking or something
  6. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Covid-19 - My Experiences to date (As a confirmed positive)

    All the best mate. Hope you're on the mend shortly
  7. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Have you derived a positive from this mayhem ?

    What a very kind thing to say. Thanks pal. Wishing you and yours all the best
  8. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Have you derived a positive from this mayhem ?

    On this day in 2015 day my first born son had received a life saving operation at Great Ormond Street Hospital having been born just a few hours earlier. He spent the next four months in intensive care and things didn't look good. I witnessed him have a cardiac arrest and thought that he was...
  9. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Stunning acoustic sessions

    My little boy Albi is named after this song - absolutely beautiful. And in the Album version I think Nunthorpe gets a mention :)
  10. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Stunning acoustic sessions

    Just incredible - thanks for sharing
  11. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Scathing attack on government Covid-19 response

    Genuine question that I can't seem to understand is that; given that the virus has little to no effect on children and young people - why is there a clamour to close schools? I'd hazard a guess that the minute the schools get closed that grandparents will step in to support families and then we...
  12. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Will Euro 2020 be delayed

    I have tickets for qf in Rome. At this stage i'm not going regardless.
  13. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Gibson backs his man and we get

    Credit for what? I take your point about some of the vitriol aimed at him but are you seriously suggesting that his press release has been a significant contributer to the win today?
  14. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Cooper6711.... are you proud of your employer?

    Just goes to show how good the ignore function is. I can't see anything cooper is posting. That means less rubbish to read. simply ignore the guy, let him crack on and get on with your own lives.
  15. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    New Affordable Homes in Mbro

    A lot of the Grove Hill decants went to Hemlington and Coulby Newham. I know this has had a significant impact on anti-social behaviour in Coulby where my parents live.
  16. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Have you stopped drinking Corona beer ?

    I was in Vegas recently and it struck me just how nice the beer actually is. I think the stuff on the UK market is awful like you describe. They must brew it here under licence because its a totally different drink. Similarly I used to really like Tiger beer but had a case before Christmas...
  17. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Nigel Pearson

    I wasn't really that enamored with the idea of Pearson to be honest at the time. I wasn't being snobby or turning my nose up at him or anything like that. He was more preferable than Monk but I won't rewrite history and pretend he was a missed opportunity at the time. In the context of where...
  18. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    The ignore button dilemma

    Nah - life is too short to be wasting time and energy on closed minded people who will never shift their position. I'll happily discuss any topic with people even if we totally disagree on things but there needs to be some understanding of each others standpoint. I totally understand where you...
  19. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    New board anti climax???

    One of the biggest reasons that people use ad blockers for this site is because those on the legacy site were terible and interferred significantly with the use of the board. Frankly it was self inflicted. That said - the adverts on here are totally unobtrusive and I've whitelisted the site...
  20. Emmersons_BrazillianDong

    Where is Captain 5?

    Was wit him and Anybody4abeer at the spurs match recently. Hes been doing a bit of travelling here and there