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  1. Lemmy_kilmister

    So how’s everyone’s pre match nerves ?

    Like waiting for the dentist. Hull have been awful. But Saturday showed they've got goals in them. Wigans plight will have lifted them a tadge as it has us. We've got to be prepared to scrap like hell for anything. It won't be pretty.
  2. Lemmy_kilmister

    First regular pub

    Not the Jubilee, or the King Willie??
  3. Lemmy_kilmister

    Huge game tonight.

    Make no mistake, today will be a fight. I'll be happy with a draw.
  4. Lemmy_kilmister

    53,000 new covid cases in the US yesterday.

    It's like the whole of East Cleveland coming down with it in one day. And then you get people who think like this. With the barmpot the chose as their leader I don't think there's any hope for them
  5. Lemmy_kilmister

    First regular pub

    'Was that in the new extension to the back with the pool table? Roofie we were probably going in at the same time.' Wasn't it 'The Cyclops' then?
  6. Lemmy_kilmister

    Championship form table Some eye opening form here. Hull aren't bottom of it for nothing. And our home form is not much better than as theirs. Preston and Bristol C fans watching their seasons fade away.
  7. Lemmy_kilmister

    First regular pub

    Been gone a while now that one. That end of Cosham High St has been completely redeveloped. Myself, The Cambridge... When Ally Brownlee used to do the quiz in there on a Monday night.
  8. Lemmy_kilmister

    Fmttm adverts

    Anyroad, anyone buying a Tyne Tees t shirt?
  9. Lemmy_kilmister

    i see infant hercules is having a run out today

    Finished 2nd 2/1 Wasnt favourite though
  10. Lemmy_kilmister

    Ilsa, I'm no good at being noble,...

    ... but it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world. Someday you'll understand that. Now, now. Here's looking at you, kid. Great great fillum, and one of the most quotable.. (its on TCM+1 now) 😁
  11. Lemmy_kilmister

    Which club are the Boro most like?

    Fair comparison. Especially how similar the way the two sides went in the 80's. Both had wonderfully talented teams that were sold off, and both ended up in div 3.
  12. Lemmy_kilmister

    If Warnock doesn't stay

    I would have had Giovanni Van Bronckhorst when he was out of work last year. Won the Dutch cup and the Eredivisie with Feyenoord in two seasons he was there. Can't believe noboady has got him in. How managing Guangzhou in China.
  13. Lemmy_kilmister

    Have you ever ran on the pitch to celebrate a Boro goal?

    IIRC Roy Tunks saved it on the line.
  14. Lemmy_kilmister

    Geordies v Citeh

    65 years and counting.... You would have to be in receipt of old age pension to remember Newcastle winning a domestic trophy.
  15. Lemmy_kilmister

    Trump promotes video appearing to show supporter shouting 'white power'

    The United States of America 2020 The land of the free, and the home of the brave....I dont think.
  16. Lemmy_kilmister

    Have you ever ran on the pitch to celebrate a Boro goal?

    No, but did against Wigan in 87 at the final whistle
  17. Lemmy_kilmister

    80's sweatshirt?

    three posters who can't spell Tacchini ;);)
  18. Lemmy_kilmister

    Released players/Free transfers

    my bad..its an old one oops...amended
  19. Lemmy_kilmister

    Released players/Free transfers

    Premier League list here Championship Barnsley Kenny Dougall Dani Pinillos Samuel Radlinger Mamadou Thiam Jordan Barnett Jared Bird Tommy Willard Sam Fielding Harry Gagen Jake Greatorex Keziah Martin Chris Sang Alex Wollerton Birmingham David...