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    Are we on the red button tonight?

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    Qatar Grand Prix

    If he's relying on Bottas he may as well give up, my gran would outpace him off the line in her micra
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    Steve Agnew

    He'll be waiting for Steve Bruce to get the call somewhere else as he thinks he's the bee's knees
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    The most talented Boro players you’ve seen at the Riverside

    Emerson was the best all round midfielder I’ve ever seen in a boro shirt during those first few months of the 96-97 season. Juninho obviously a close second, how spoilt we were looking back having them both in the same team! More recently I’d also like to throw in the likes of Tomlin, Ramirez...
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    Sao Paulo F1 Grand Prix Weekend

    Senna blatantly took out Prost in Japan to win a world championship in 90, he was a win at all costs driver and deserved the criticism he got, same as schumacher with hill. It taints their legacy, verstappen is of a similar ilk
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    Sao Paulo F1 Grand Prix Weekend

    Hamilton gets £25k fine with £20k of it suspended for a year
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    Cartoons, programmes from your yoof you hated.

    Most of CITV - Raggy dolls, how, art attack, press gang, children’s hospital, woof FFS If it wasn’t for fun house and finders keepers I would have detuned the channel
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    Sao Paulo F1 Grand Prix Weekend

    He’s already changed the engine hasn’t he, time to change everything else given he has to finish 14th to get up to 19th anyway now either that or do a Schumacher and take the opposition out so they both start at the back lol
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    David Moyes

    Didn’t do very well at the Mackem’s though did he
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    Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri

    A star turn by woody Harrelson in it too
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    Saigon Sams - End of An Era?

    It’s not surprising the staff have moved on when he shuts down for months at a time and there are plenty of jobs out there at the moment. I would imagine he is due for retirement so would be good for him to hand it over while still being at the helm as the reputation is where the value is and...
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    Tell the truth, or a lie, about a celebrity

    Was the conservation officer Terry Nutkins? And was that how he lost some of his fingers?
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    Unai Emery rejects the Geordies.

    if they get relegated then thats 1 of the 3 promotion spots gone straight away, they will blow away anyone else in the division with their spending prowess
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    Djed Spence leaves Nottingham Forest fans in awe with 'amazing' Sheffield United display [Post]

    When he comes back Warnock will be gone and hopefully the new guy can use him like forest can
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    This seasons recruitment

    A lot more please for £5 million!
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    Things we learned tonight..

    That this season is a complete write off, 6 months of stumbling along with little evidence of the plan for next season until the new manager is appointed, someone wake me up at Easter
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    Just sack him now.

    I’ve said it many times but we regularly lose out in our midfield 3 torte opposition. While Jonny Howson continues to pull on a shirt and the armband this team will go nowhere, the lad has been poor overall since monk signed him, the last said about tav and crooks tonight the better too, central...
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    ITV4 Right Now

    mutual love shown between the two...
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    ITV4 Right Now

    Are you too good for your home - Answer Me!
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    ITV4 Right Now