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  1. Boro_Legend

    Derby Away !!!!

    Derby away are the tickets on general sale yet? Are trains running on the day is it true that its 15 mins away from the station to the ground.
  2. Boro_Legend

    Alvaro Negredo

    Says that the mystery striker called Warnock ‘Mr’ which is common in Spain and is their version of gaffer. Indicates the mystery man may be Spanish. What’s Alvaro up to these days?
  3. Boro_Legend

    Derby County !!!

    Lost again today. Its getting better each time (y)(y) Rooney is out of his depth. The fans on the forum and twitter want him out and Uncel Mel :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fan TV !!!!

    Should Boro Fan TV come back after games, the fan's interviews? Would the fans be happy to fund it ? I been trying to get them doing it again. I have really missed it.
  5. Boro_Legend

    Less Talking And Sign Them Up !!!
  6. Boro_Legend

    Neil Warnock !!!!

    Neil he worth another season ? At this rate he is finding it hard to find the targets he wants. Could the pressure get to him and and he leaves? If we went up I could see him staying.
  7. Boro_Legend

    Adel Taarabt

    Adel Taarabt is with out a club.
  8. Boro_Legend

    Kean Bryan

    Kean Bryan is closed to joining Brentford.
  9. Boro_Legend

    Luke Daniels

    Luke Daniels signed for two years.
  10. Boro_Legend

    Boro Fans Enjoy Fulham Trip

    Lovely to see the fans are back The fans were loud for 90 mins ;)(y)
  11. Boro_Legend

    Maja !!!

    So Boro set to meet his representatives this week over a permanent move. Not sure what fee has been agreed. His agent is staying at Rockcliffe for a few days. Apparently his agent is a bit of a nightmare. We won't be spending a big fee on him, about €4-5m.
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  13. Boro_Legend

    Isaiah Jones

    Isaiah Jones turned the game around with Tav. I want to see more of Isaiah Jones.
  14. Boro_Legend

    Neeskens Kebano
  15. Boro_Legend

    Bournemouth v West Brom

    Bournemouth v West Brom tonight. Any streams to the games thank you.
  16. Boro_Legend

    Asamoah Gyan

    Club has been offered Asamoah Gyan just saying.
  17. Boro_Legend

    Sol Bamba
  18. Boro_Legend


    After the news that Dimi has joined the coaching staff at Hartlepool United the club would like to put on record its thanks to Dimi for his service to date with Thornaby FC. Dimi is in discussions with the Management Team as regards his continued involvement as a player as and when available...
  19. Boro_Legend

    Lee Collins

    Very tragic
  20. Boro_Legend

    Radamel Falcao

    The mystery player who Gazette were reporting on is one and only Radamel Falcao. Peter Kenyon is doing the deal. Monday and Tuesday was busy at the club, in trying to seal this deal...