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    Barlaser, Engel, VDB

    Bollox. VDB is rapid so the rest of your post isn't worth considering
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    ‘Playing out from the back’

    For most of the game, no they didn't. The ball didn't stick, they didn't show enough and both gave it away too easily. Neither have any pace to get behind so it kept coming back. And that's not their fault, as a whole we just weren't good enough and didn't have players around them. At the end...
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    ‘Playing out from the back’

    At the end of the day they are / were just better than us. Biggest difference between the Premier League and Championship is pace and it showed tonight. Things we get away with in the championship with the likes of Hugill you don't get away with against them tonight. Forget it, move on, put...
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    Does Rogers Start?

    I don't see why there would be. He's not come out and said he wants the move or he's downing tools (unless I've missed something), he's just been the subject of a bid. I'd hope that, if anything, there would be a positive reaction to him to show him he's wanted here.
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    Hotels for Chelsea

    I'm staying at the Doubletree Chelsea which is a 20 minute walk from the ground and next to Imperial Wharf station
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    Best Christmas present

    You should. It's a great game. I generally play in either Harrogate or Wetherby as they're the closest clubs to me in Selby. I have played a few times at Tennis World when I've been back in Teesside
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    Best Christmas present

    A new padel racket and I was happy as a pig in the proverbial
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    Do you have a foreign team you support/follow?

    Rayo Vallecano. We had a weekend in Madrid years ago and both Real and Atletico were away from home so we had a choice of Rayo or Getafe and chose Rayo. I also love their strip with the lightning bolt sash.
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    Var in the Chelsea or Villa Games

    Absolutely. A lack of consistency devalues the competition and benefits the Premier League sides massively.
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    Finally...just been to see Wonka

    I agree. Just got back from seeing it myself and I thought it was superb. Just what was needed on Christmas Eve
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    Dan Barlaser

    Coming late to the thread about today's game but Barlaser was superb today. He dictated the pace of the game and some of his passing was sublime. He and Howson ran the show. All the negative focus appears to be on one, under hit pass, on the half way line, which Fry dealt with 40 yards from...
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    Lewis O'Brien - Out for 2 to 3 months

    It depends on where abouts in the bone the break is and the severity. My lad has just done the same (admittedly he's 12 and a little bit more spongy). We thought 10-12 weeks on the x-ray, the fracture clinic have told him he can start running after 5. I hope Lewis has a similar quick recovery...
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    I’ve got a good feeling about tomorrow

    First opposition team we've played in the league this season who don't wear blue and white so we must be due a change of luck (not that I'm clutching at straws much).
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    The Afonso alves myth

    This entirely. As SSSY says he needed clever through balls, which gave him his 5 goals in 2 games but after that we tried to use him like Viduka. He was on his own up front and we used to ping balls up to him to hold, like we did to Viduka, which he couldn't do and it drained his confidence...
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    Birmingham City Council Bankrupt

    There have been a number of councils, more than I can ever remember previously, issuing s114 notices over the last 5 years. Northamptonshire, Thurrock, Croydon (who have issued 3 or 4 if my memory serves me right), Woking, Slough. It's just Birmingham is the big one so gets the press.