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    Steffen: Keep or Dump?

    And unfortunately neither will Henderson. He's on £110k a week at United (allegedly) and Forest picked up 100% of his wages this season. United aren't going to agree to pick up 70-80% of his wages next season, injury or no injury this season. And not a chance of a permanent deal.
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    Mackems or Luton In the final!

    Having just watched Peterborough v Sheff We'd let's not dismiss Coventry. They're a bloody good side. However, if we are successful then obviously we want Luton at Wembley, just to take the local (non) derby element out of it.
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    Rest key players?

    99.9999% of me is disregarding Sheff Utd and I fully expect them to get 2 points from 12. However, until it's mathematically impossible for us to catch them we have to keep pressing (imo). Part of me wants them to get promoted against West Brom to keep the Baggies out of the top 6 but then the...
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    Rest key players?

    For me, whilst it's still mathematically possible that we can catch Sheffield United, however unlikely those chances are now, we have to play our best team and go for the win. We also want to keep momentum up and go into the play offs on the back of a winning streak. I do appreciate there's...
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    Market for old shirts

    I'd be interested depending on which shirts as I'm sure many others would be
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    Championship games today.

    Am I right in thinking that if we beat Hull, the only team outside the top 6 who can feasibly overtake us are West Brom? They can get a maximum of 75 points, Coventry and Preston 74 and we have the far superior goal difference than both of those. So effectively a win Wednesday and we're in the...
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    Great article in the Athletic on our London Recruitment

    Saturday afternoon in the north London postcode of N22: on White Hart Lane a steady stream of fans make their way to see Tottenham Hotspur versus Nottingham Forest in the Premier League. Their path takes them past the New River Sports Centre where, unknown to all, a third major English club —...
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    Should boro talk to the bbc tees

    I wouldn't trust HMRC on any IR35 matters. Their record of winning these cases is abysmal and shows they don't understand their own rules.
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    Which player comes to mind first when you see this shirt?

    My first thoughts were Mendieta and Southgate
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    Early Bird Season Tickets on sale

    As someone said above, it's their age on 1st August 2023
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    The Steffen conundrum

    Enlightened response, and we'll reasoned. What I was saying is Steffen didn't have a bad game due to one mistake. He played well yesterday. Other players made serious mistakes in the game but not being the keeper have the chance to make amends, a la Chuba and McGree. You disagree, that's fine.
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    The Steffen conundrum

    Chuba made a fundamental mistake in missing the penalty. He was just lucky where the ball bounced. McGree made a fundamental mistake in letting the keeper tip his shot on to the post at 0-0. You wouldn't say either of these didn't play well because of these mistakes. Steffen had a good game...
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    Andy Murray

    What a player. 5 hours and 45 minutes and into the early hours of the morning following 5 hours in the last round
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    Andy Murray

    5-5 in the 5th. Unbelievable effort from 2-0 down
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    Sunderland Away Ticket Info

    Why? Not everyone lives in Middlesbrough and has a 20 minute round trip to the match. So if I go to 23 away matches as they're easier to get to and 0 home games, I should be treated worse for an away ticket to the season ticket holder who attends 23 home games and 0 away games. We've both been...