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    That John Lewis ad

    I understand that it is about Home Insurance and I know that this is a football message board, however more often than not most posts are not related to football, rather things happening in daily life. Back to my point: Ads are supposed to sell a product....yes, Home Insurance, but what is the...
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    That John Lewis ad

    The one where the cross dressing kid trashes the house. What does everybody make of it? It's very well done in terms of photography, edit and the Stevie Nicks soundtrack are brilliant but what the hell is it about - what is it actually selling to me????? I suspect the Ad agency have sold them...
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    Worst missed sitter by a Boro player at The Riverside?

    It's important DW puts it behind him now. He doesn't want that in his head.
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    Biennial World Cup - Yes or No

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    Matt Crooks

    Fantastic signing. He will be the backbone of the team after NW goes. I couldn't believe that he wasn't snapped up when he was with Rotherham
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    Tyneside tea towel shortage averted

    Thank God! Tea Towels
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    We should be on the red button tonight?

    Bum!! I've already subscribed to MFC
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    Huge swell of support for Neil Warnock!

    I'm pretty sure that Bruce would not be managing us whatever happens
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    Djed Spence today

    I've been on the fence where NW is concerned. I'm not a fan of prematurely sacking managers etc, but I do think the Spence/Coulson decisions might end up defining his time at Boro. We were wafer thin to start with. Letting 2 talented youngsters go was criminal
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    Black dog on my shoulder

    Sorry to read that - In the past I've been aware how I have affected friends and family with my behaviour. I'm aware of it and makes things worse that I can't pull myself out of it. It's a feeling of being completely controlled. I was getting some help at the time and my therapist pointed out...
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    FFP loophole closing for Newcastle

    don't forget that Saudi and Abu Dhabi/UAE arent currently on the best of terms.
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    Stewy D on Undr The Cosh

    Wow - great listen that. I think we all knew Karaka was a bit of a, well, a Krank but the surprising bit for me was the way SD was treated by the club and specifically SG
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    FFP loophole closing for Newcastle

    It tells you all you need to know when you see the 2 clubs that didn't vote FOR the freeze, although Man City abstained. The NUFC deal has nothing at all to do with football. The club will simply be a marketing tool for Saudi businesses, using the same model as MCFC who partner (mainly) with...
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    Newcastle Banner

    totally agree - I mentioned this a while back - The RF lot seem very organisedand I'm sure they could pull something together. I don't think there would be any shortage of contributors
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    Many thanks for the replies - I got back in. I followed the steps for a hard restart but there was an option to update software without losing data - I did this and hey presto, it allowed me to sign in!! Phew