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    Breaking news - no further updates On tier 3 today

    Wakey, donny, pontecarlo -we are back into lockdown from Monday.
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    Foodies - Best place you've eaten on the planet

    I loved the River Cafe in London!
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    Two more people beheaded in France

    Unconfirmed (but mentioned on Twitter) one of the dead, a 70 year old woman.
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    For the first time in a few years I feel optimistic about where we are as a team - The improvement in individual performances and consistency is nothing short of astounding - Dijksteel, Bola, Saville, Howson, Fry, McNair etc along with some good signings - Morsy, Bettinelli, Akpom have left us...
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    What irks you about modern society?

    ....I'll add the emergence of online betting. Scary for people with addictions
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    John Cooper Clarke

    I hadn't listened to him for years and years and noticed his audiobook "The Luckiest Guy Alive" on Audible (one of the only times the audiobook is better than the printed version). Absolutely Brilliant stuff as ever! Proper LOL stuff!
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    What irks you about modern society?

    Vanity - the emergence of social media! I'm sick of seeing lads and lasses pouting and posing! Fast food - the emergence of delivery made it easy to incorporate it into our day to day diet. Universities as a money making scams - saddling young people with huge debt - in return they get...
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    Warnock: best Boro manager for a Generation

    Yep. Agree with this! He brings much more to the table than just a team selection. He understands the Psyche of the players and knows how to get the best out of them (I can't remember this since the Rioch era), He knows how to unearth good players at realistic prices but most of all - he...
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    Derby County in a relegation battle ?

    had some great away days at Derby in the 70s and 80s - Football specials were always eventful ;)
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    What are we all reading right now?

    Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder - a collection of published articles about (Guess what) - Cycling! Entertaining and good! Reality is Plastic - a book about Hypnosis
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    Favourite Clash song?!

    My fave varies ... heard “the call up” the other day... great track! Train in vain , as mentioned above” is brilliant- and to think it only just made it on to the album. You can hear the hurt and anger in Jones’ voice
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    Most impressed with....

    I wouldn't change a thing. Everybody in defence looks like they are meant to be there. Dael Fry looks like a brand new signing. He's solid and dependable - what a change!!
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    Most impressed with....

    I mentioned on another thread yesterday that for me, the most important thing was letting Roberts get competitive minutes under his belt. He did that and looked good. I would have been happy with a draw so winning away v the top team s a real bonus. I posted on a different thread that I thought...
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    Win tonight

    I would be happy with a draw but would love Patrick Roberts to get some time in.
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    Morsey looks like he’s been here for years

    I’m going to stick my neck out and say NW is putting together a VERY decent team! Pity we didn’t get the extra striker over the line