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    Foul on Saville

    I'm not saying it wasn't a foul, and was certainly a planned move by Cardiff. You just don't get free kicks given for blocking runs at corners, that's why teams do it.
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    Foul on Saville

    No way would that ever be given as a foul. You'd be furious if we got a goal chalked off for something like that.
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    Warnock And The Ref

    Not sure what he was grumbling at. I thought that the ref, certainly compared to what we usually get, was excellent in a very physical game.
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    We’re on foreign telly tomorrow

    Deleted my previous message as I was talking nonsense. Looks like overseas fans need to turn to dodgy streams. No effect on UK viewers. Could you get a UK VPN?
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    Brexit, more cheek from the UK.

    It surely can't be a "breach of EU law" if we already allow Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, the US, Singapore and South Korea to do it. Although they are well within their rights to refuse it, it doesn't look good to claim it's not possible if it already happens in some cases.
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    Claim Tax Relief even if you work from home for 1 day.

    It's dead easy. Takes 1 minute in total if you've already got a account, only NI number required.
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    Angela Rayner

    I'm not taking aim at you, you picked it up that I'd called someone a liar when I hadn't. I didn't bring you into it, you brought yourself.
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    Angela Rayner

    I never said you did. Gaz did.
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    Angela Rayner

    To refute the damaging claim that 1 in 10 abuse the system, and that shops can't refuse them.
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    Angela Rayner Still based on a single quote from an 'Asda worker'.
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    Angela Rayner

    Now I know you're only on a wind up. If I say you're either right handed or left handed it doesn't imply that I'm calling you left handed.
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    Angela Rayner

    Cuthbert wasn't called a liar, you're making that up. I also linked to the Daily Mail, I'll do it again for you. Can you link to one of the many...
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    Wow what a preview from Bristol City pre our match

    He makes a point of saying McNair is 2 footed, using a free kick as an example (pic 13). It's quite clearly Tav taking it though, hence the left foot. Great bit of work overall though. Anyone fancy doing the same for our matches?
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    Angela Rayner

    Old news it may be, but still not true. It seemingly all stemmed from one comment from a purported 'Asda worker'. Many newspapers running the story doesn't equate to many instances...
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    Angela Rayner

    Tory children’s minister was just branded a ‘liar’ over free school meals claims So by extension Gaz is either a liar or mistaken.