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    Patrick Bamford

    Will be interesting to see if he gets near the England squad. He’s had a great start to the season and two of his goals on Friday were superb. The other was a real poachers goal. He needs to be more consistent but I’m quite pleased for him, even if he is doing it for Leeds. He always came across...
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    Keeper kit today

    I knew I’d seen it somewhere before. He was wearing the same team wear that Bolton used as their temporary kit last season...
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    Keeper kit today

    Did they forget the usual one? I noticed Bettinelli wore last seasons keeper kit at Bristol on Tuesday too. Maybe they don’t like this seasons purple and pink ones?
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    New 3rd kit

    It’s not mine unfortunately Erimus, always on the look out for it though. I think that pic was posted by AV in the gazette a few years ago, it belongs to one of collectors, BoroNewJersey on the old board I think it is.
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    New 3rd kit

    Stunning. There aren’t many of the white Evening gazette shirts in existence. You certainly couldn’t buy the replica.
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    New 3rd kit

    I raise you (the holy grail of Boro shirts)
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    New 3rd kit

    To be fair the plain white 3rd kit from a couple of years ago will be remembered for the wrong reasons, in particular the Newport away game.
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    New 3rd kit

    Not sure we need to wear it tomorrow but we’ll certainly need it against Bournemouth. I expected us to wear last seasons away kit as a third kit. We’ll probably wear it a couple more times, Bournemouth and Luton would be my guess. Hopefully it will be worn with red shorts.
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    New 3rd kit

    Looks like a training top
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    I would love to have seen Saville Goal

    I agree, we don't seem to get many like that.
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    Its nothing short of scandalous if Warnock is still waiting for the go ahead from Gibson. If anything, the performances so far this season shown that we can compete and with a few more additions we will be up there. If we are dithering about we could be without a striker if Akpom gets injured in...
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    RIP Simon Dobbin

    Cambridge fan who was left with brain damage after being attacked after a match with Southend in 2015 passed away this morning. Very sad, and a timely reminder that it is only a game. RIP
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    Gazette Player Ratings

    5 for Akpom as well. He missed a couple of half chances but he led the line really well and didn’t stop running. The effort from the whole team was outstanding tonight.
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    I hate the modern world