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    Who Has Been To Ormesby Hall?

    It's a beautiful walk around the grounds I go there regularly with the grandchildren and to walk the dog
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    The best player you have ever seen live

    George Best by a mile
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    Morrissey coming to Stockton

    Thank God he's going to Stockton and not Middlesbrough. Stay north of the river, he's shyte.
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    What improved your quality of life, so much, you wish you did it sooner?

    Retiring being a 62 year old Bricklayer, I was well ready for retirement, my back and shoulders are just about knackered best thing I ever done👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
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    Elizabeth the Last

    God save the Queen.
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    Elizabeth the Last

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    Your irrational, petty dislikes

    Why do they call American football, football, they hardly kick the ball with their foot, then insist proper football be called Soccer.
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    You bald xxxx

    At least you got a decent nickname out of it, the same as our own David Armstrong 😉😉👍👍
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    I've had it for about 4 years, and have slowly learned to live with it, but every now and then absolutely does my head in for a day or two.
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    Sheffield 3-0 up, us 1-0 Down

    Sorry still 2 down, not 3
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    Sheffield 3-0 up, us 1-0 Down

    3- 0 down
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    Mail on sunday

    Ladies and gentlemen an apology, I would like to apologise for my earlier comments on this thread, I didn't read the article myself I was told about it by a relative and got the wrong end of the stick, now I have read the article fully I realise what an **** I've made of myself. So once again...
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    Mail on sunday

    Not hard at all, I just cant believe that people can get so worked up about something so petty. That's all.
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    Mail on sunday

    I cant believe the faux outrage on here. Pathetic, grow up.