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    Trees continue to wilt under Chris Houghton`s tenure.......another defeat beacons...

    They have a lot of fans and do good numbers worldwide to this day despite decades of decline
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    Dubois vs Joyce

    Live to fight another day. 12 years younger. Plenty of time to come again
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    Dubois vs Joyce

    Few less bicep curls and a bit longer on the treadmill in future maybe
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    Warnock on Saville (his next door neighbour)

    I don’t think I’d be in a rush to buy if I was a footballer moving to a new area either. All the fees and that when buying and selling. Better off just renting. You might be off in a year. And where better to rent a house than next door to the training ground! Wonder if Jordan Rhodes has sold...
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    Warnock on Saville (his next door neighbour)

    well, they live in a house. They’re just on the Rockliffe grounds. Without ties to the area it’s hard to see why you’d want to go elsewhere! Although they’re not very flash but he doesn’t seem a guy that needs to be living in a mansion
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    Andy Preston facing serious allegations

    “Fake news” in other words then?
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    Reducing International aid.

    I think being able to say that despite everything we are maintaining our commitment to foreign aid is a nice bit of PR for a much maligned little island and certainly something that i could stand behind and be proud of as a citizen of this nation
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    Reducing International aid.

    Save your outrage for the amount spunked on dodgy contracts during this pandemic or something rather than attempts to pull people out of poverty and whatnot.
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    Reducing International aid.

    Looks like we are right around where you would expect us to be in that table. Whats the big deal Ive noticed strong correlation between those with a stiffy for British Values and those wanting to reduce foreign aid, which I find odd. Surely as a former coloniser extraordinaire sewing seeds...
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    Five guys

    Five Guys pump out a decent burger. It is expensive, sure, but certainly not enough to put the youth off. Plus, I have repeatedly tried and failed to get a decent burger anywhere on Teesside. I'm not sure how everywhere manages to **** it up so badly. Two inch thick burgers in too soft brioche...
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    Christmas and Covid - shameful vote grabbing

    If your relatives are at risk then I suggest not meeting with them. Simple as that. It is the possibility for people to exercise their own judgement. It is not mandated. No one is making you breathe all over granny for 5 days straight. Ive got family I haven’t seen since Spring, and therefore...
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    5 days freedom for Christmas

    It has been a long time since it was a religious festival.
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    Most unimpressive celebrity sighting

    All great. Miriam is a knockout. Malkovich a legend
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    Is Morsy injured?

    Hope he’s back soon. A leader!