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    Foodies - Best place you've eaten on the planet

    Wasn't Hopwater Distribution was it? It's on Bush (same as your hotel) and does a great buttermilk chicken burger, although it doesn't really have a "big rep" as far as I'm aware - I used to have my tea there quite regularly as it was on my way home from work.
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    Foodies - Best place you've eaten on the planet

    I'm certainly not a foodie, but there's a few standout meals some of which were for more than the food but the setting / service:- Nobu - Los Cabo, Mexico - Obviously not the original Nobu, but the black cod was amazing and the setting just above the beach, to celebrate my birthday, was...
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    Foodies - Best place you've eaten on the planet

    Can you remember where ? I'm struggling to think of where it would be in that location. Yeah The Buena Vista cafe is a dreadful tourist trap. One of my mates is a chef and food historian in the city (had his own Peruvian restaurant for nearly 20 years which is almost unheard of in SF) and he...
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    Sports Personality of the Year

    Steve Davis is now pretty cool, and a prog DJ quite in demand around the clubs nowadays.
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    Snoop Dogg

    If only they had a catchy tune and slogan in their advert with literally the company name in it....
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    What's your batting average ?

    Looking at my profile, it appears I've made 966 posts and have 966 likes, so a 1 for 1 average.
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    Two more people beheaded in France

    Is it now the job of a football messageboard to offer solutions to complex political and cultural problems ??? What good do your "solutions" do, other than get yourself worked up and make you look a bit racist and hysterical on a messageboard ?
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    National Lockdown

    There's no point in going into lockdown if when you come out of it you just do exactly the same thing. The lockdown should be done in conjunction with an effective and working track and trace, so that when the R number falls below zero through the lockdown they can then control the number of...
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    Sports Personality of the Year

    Time for this debate already, must be nearly Christmas. The Personality v's achievement one has been going for longer than the "MOBO's - are they racist" one.
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    Boro newspaper in Holiday on the Buses

    Is the picture to the right related to the story ? Is it an open topped bus tour ? If it's not, and it relates to something else, then is it likely to be sport related and so it may not be to do with football at all ?
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    New Poll shows Biden 17 points ahead of Trump in WI

    Hmmm, not one to speak up for one of our pet right wingers on here, but that's not really true. In my 4 years in America I only found a handful of people who were willing to admit they voted for Trump, and 3 of those were in a swimming pool in Mexico rather than in California. The couple of...
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    Boro newspaper in Holiday on the Buses

    But Stevenage weren't formed until 1976, and Holiday on the Buses (an absolute classic BTW) came out in 1973, so unlikely to be Stevenage. Harringay were not formed until 1973, so again unlikely to be them either.
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    Akpom.... covid test result ?.

    Should we know, would you be comfortable with your medical history becoming news ?
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    Another VAR farce in Bayern game

    It's It's really easy to do in the instance of offside. If you need to zoom in on the picture and it isn't obvious from the full sized still image then the benefit goes to the attacker and he's onside. The farcical scenario is where they're zooming in and debating about whether 2 pixels show...
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    We look utterly bone hard !

    Sort of. It's a rule in most clubs that you don't walk around in bare feet, whether it be the risk of standing on something sharp, slipping on something or picking up a fungal infection and so most players stick a pair of sliders on when they're walking around the club.