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    Going Out this Winter

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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    Yeah, the player is unsettled now, can see something being agreed soon!
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    Benn and Eubank JR

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    Hoppe announced today.

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    That is shocking - ref comments to wilder

    The ref was right!
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    So, what does the American media make of Boro and our new Keeper?

    I thought it was a bit condescending!
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    This new signing

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    Signing Announcement Videos

    Aren't they just a modern version of this... and
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    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    Sure I read a quote somewhere a while back. How do you know they'll accept £9m?
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    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    Except Coventry want a lot more than £9m!
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    "I've been told that an offer has been accepted"

    I cant tell if you're trying to be funny or just thick!
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    Forss Confirmed

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    James Lea Siliki

    Horrendous banter!!