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    Does Anyone Use Biologics or Know of Anyone Who Does?

    OMG. I didn’t know he had a bloodworm!! That changes everything. He needs a guppy.
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    It’s the glorious twelfth

    Not many grouse about now.
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    Jacob Greaves Hull LCH

    Cant honestly say I’ve seen him enough to give a true opinion. £7m does seem a lot these days for a championship to championship CB but its not our money so I suppose the club will have their valuation. He is only young though so should have some resale value. If Wilder wants him though, go for it.
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    Boro pull out of Larsen deal

    Hartlepool are certainly finding that out with their strachanesque approach to the season.
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    Does Anyone Use Biologics or Know of Anyone Who Does?

    Hi Fat dragon. Your anxieties are understandable. My understanding of their prescribing are that they are often used as a sort of last resort to control flares of inflammation, often when Azo does not work or its side effects cause problems. If there is no alternative it is a difficult position...
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    I owe Chuba an apology.

    Need to change the title of this thread like. As for Chuba, he looks interested and maybe Wilders man management is getting him invested in the club again.
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    Callum Styles

    Yes but in the kids size. Seriously, he was no better than any of our lads tonight
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    Hayden Hackney

    I thought Hackney was very good. Only 20 and cdm is a very disciplined role. Dodds came on and did very well. Has good pace and seems a natural wingback.
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    Boro managers DO NOT chuck the cups away

    When I saw the team before the maych I thought we would struggle. In hindsight I think if Alpom and Forss played the first half we might have got a lead to hold on to. The subs killed the dynamics of the team and in the end we were very unlucky. Positives for me were Dodds and I thought Hackney...
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    what are peoples gas bill rising to ?

    I remember a few years ago when Venezuela decided to nationalise power and reduce bills for their citizens. It didn’t end well. Big business weren’t happy and their government fell and the country wasn’t supported externally.
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    what are peoples gas bill rising to ?

    Currently on a 2 year fix at £155/ month which runs until December. £450 in credit. Unfortunately we are moving house so have to start again in October. Did a tentative uswitch comparison for now and its £6200/ year. Almost 350% increase. Wow. Wonder how long before they come down?
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    Jacob Greaves in contract talks...

    At the reported fee of >£7m I hope he signs an extension at Hull.
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    Jorgen Strand Larsen

    Exactly this and it is why Scott is here. He is probably identifying Wilders successor now so the transition is not as big as Wilder has had to contend with.
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    That new era at old Trafford - now de jong to Chelsea !!!

    Ok. I’ll wait til Larsen signs 😁
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    That new era at old Trafford - now de jong to Chelsea !!!

    Arnautovic, bloody hell. I would be disappointed if we were in for him. Not sure how, when or if they will get back top 4. Top players dont seem interested anymore and their fans, probably like ours in fairness are going to be very impatient. Ten Haag also seems to like his dutch based players...