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    I'd recommend watching these before you go. Rome unpacked with Georgia locatelli and Andrew Rice Dixon
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    Doe And Tomlin and Ramirez had no problems finding outlets.
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    Conspiracy theorists

    General rule of thumb. If someone uses more than five acronyms in a paragraph they're a barmpot.
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    The BIG 6 watch

    Its been a remarkably bad start by the big clubs and Tottenham. We might see another Leicester season. All very good for the game. The TV money coming in gives us a reasonably competitive league, certainly by modern standards.
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    Supporters Forum

    Thanks to the bloke who typed it up. Very good read. (y)
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    Definition of pain

    See if I was in charge of torture for the intelligence services I wouldn't be going in for all this waterboarding nonsense, which is pretty much what they would do in the school toilets. They probably give them Chinese burns and a rabbit punch afterwards. I would put loads of upturned plugs on...
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    New borat movie

    Never mind all this. Who watches a movie in the morning? Insanity.
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    Kieffer Moore or Assombalonga?

    Akpom didn't do anything. Barely touched the ball. Britt got on the ball and got a shot in. Tav put in a few great balls and neither got on the end of one. In fact the closest to connecting was Spence.
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    Kieffer Moore or Assombalonga?

    I'd rather have both. Think they would complement each others style.
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    Kieffer Moore

    Cardiff had ojo on one wing Harry Wilson on the other and they played long balls to their heffer up front. Zero crosses first half. I don't think Neil Harris is going to get the best out of his players. Credit to our fullbacks and Johnson mind as they did well to snuff out the few attempts at...
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    So which username is the real Neil Warnock using/going to use?

    Blimey if it only takes 5% being negative for him to scoot he'll be off by march.
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    Ok result ok performance

    We looked better when Britt came on. Akpom was pretty hopeless at holding the ball up and didn't get involved at all.
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    Downings best spell second time round was under monk.
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    Ok result ok performance

    If there were fans in the stadium I would say it was a very good point. But we can and have played a lot better. The three in midfield were largely off the pace and we didn't have the degree of control we've had in recent games. Cardiff are below us in the table and aren't that good. They've...
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    Nowt to do with our slow play. Tomlin did well. Ramirez did well. Adomah did well. Nsue was more of an attacking threat than downing. He was just poor in his second spell.