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    Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

    Just the club, no pubs. Not at all when in lockdown. It was shut
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    Potential yellow card if you deliberately cough

    THat should be an instant RED
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    Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

    Just the one club and after it was deemed to be allowed. What is your point? Added to that I was lucky enough to be employed delivering medication to people during the lock down and appreciate my good fortune in being able to get out of the home for good reason
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    Can Yorkshire do it?

    Same in football, the Northern clubs get hit harder for any indiscretions whereas the likes of West Ham for example appear to be able to do just as they please for minimal penalty
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    Boris to tell over 50s to lockdown..

    I don't do civil disobedience but I might just start. Look at the pubs and restaurants on a weekend, they are full of people in their thirties and forties not observing social distancing. The club I go to take your details, take your temperature and require you sanitise your hands before...
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    Eat out to help out.... it begins!

    Go on ask her. Take her somewhere a little more expensive and have a tenner off each.
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    Neil Warnock on Brexit: I cannot wait to get out of the EU!

    It is a majority of those who got off their backsides and voted, a classic example of your vote DOES count if you get off your **** and cast it
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    Fly me veg growers

    Lots of tomatoes coming on nicely a few of them ripe but the great majority green so I expect a very decent crop in the coming weeks. Cucumbers about ready to appear quite soon. Peppers (capsicum) look as though they are about to make an appearance. Shallots and radishes were a flooding...
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    Pubs to close?

    We don't need a thorough lock down again, it'll kill the economy and indirectly kill a lot of people. It's a horrible fact but we cannot support services especially the NHS without maintaining the economy. It is simple and avoidable. WEAR YOUR MASK and WASH YOUR F***ING HANDS. That protects...
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    Labour membership numbers

    Biggest Labour error was to vote in the wrong Milliband as leader
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    Anyone 're-discovered' simpler past-times during the lock?

    Kindle is good if you are going away travelling for a while and you can carry many books around with you but I agree, there's nothing like the real thing
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    Anyone 're-discovered' simpler past-times during the lock?

    Read an interesting book about the origins and development of the sextant and it's relationship with time and astronomy. I'm not sure it would interest many but for me as an ex navigator (not sat nav) it was a good read. I also caught up with some good old Wilbur Smith books and to my eternal...
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    Anyone 're-discovered' simpler past-times during the lock?

    I've increased my reading during lockdown and made a few model ships. Doing HMS Victory at the moment, the model is not too difficult but the painting is extremely intricate. A good test to my patience. Also watched more box sets and films than I have done in the past.
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    Britain has just saved £72bn.... German MEP celebrates Brexit as he lays into EU spending plans for coronavirus recovery fund

    Would that be the US military which saved our backsides in world wars one and two? and the greatest contributors to NATO which has gone a long way to securing a relatively peaceful Europe for the past 75 years?