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    Akpom, Akpom, Chuba Akpom

    Reckon Akpom could be the assist king this year. (y)
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    Barnsley Tickets - SC Card - Fees?

    Anybody heard about parking at the ground for fans in parking zones not in the West Stand?
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    West Brom v Watford.

    Good result for us. (y)
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    West Brom v Watford.

    It would have been ”floodlight” robbery if Watford had scored the penalty. Scores from his own half but Sarr can’t score from 12 yards!
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    West Brom v Watford.

    After watching this match so far, Spurs should have bought Wallace rather than Spence!
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    West Brom v Watford.

    Dike injured again I see!
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    West Brom v Watford.

    How are WBA getting beat? Karlin Grant should have had a couple already.
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    West Brom v Watford.

    FFS. What a goal! (y)
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    West Brom v Watford.

    West Brom could have been 3:0 up after 6 minutes if it wasn’t for the goalie and a missed header!
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    West Brom v Watford.

    Will be interesting to see how WBA do, after their second half show against us. Would prefer a draw tonight. (y)
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    Stoke (a) next week

    Take your gas mask.
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    Chuba Akpom

    Shame we didn’t have him last season. We might have got in top six.
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    Do you think Dael Fry is off

    West Ham are looking for a defender. :(
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    Groningen blow two goal lead.

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    Dael Fry should be the first name on the team sheet.

    What do people want from Fry? If Wilder want to play gung ho attacking football, play on the front foot, go out the front door then you still need to keep the goals out. Fry is an out and out defender. This team needs an out and out defender and it is not Steffen.