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    North west Boro fans

    Give a shout out to Scuzzmonster. He travels or did travel to a lot of Boro games home and away. I'd like to say I'd travel with you but mortgage, kids, divorce says I cannot at the moment. I've also sent this thread on to a WhatsApp group I'm a member of for Boro fans in Manchester...
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    Frankie Bam Bam

    Go on then
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    Without googling

    Scunthorpe I think
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    House re-wire

    Why do the work for someone else? You may put electrical sockets in a place the new owners don't want them. Yes, you may get a bit more money for the house. You may still get the same money for the house as its advertised. Someone will buy it as it is no matter what the condition. Unless you...
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    Police at Stoke - Disgusting Behaviour

    Didn't it say West Mids were looking over the events of the day? That's wha I was alluding to
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    Police at Stoke - Disgusting Behaviour

    West Mids police force - we all know how well they do with Policing of and Covering up of incidents at Football Games.
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    Flare Play: Pyro and the Law

    It cost us a goal years ago away to Burton in the FA Cup when someone hoyed a red smoke cannister on the pitch. And about 3 or 4 banning orders that day for those who set them off
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    Leeds fan grope on MOTD

    Being a Leeds fan it's probably his sister and therefore it's just their normal routine.
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    Great news about Bury

    They've had a lot of break-ins at Gigg Lane caused a lot damage rather than stealing anything. Local news down here as it down as kids doing the damage. In terms of cost to the other bigger clubs in the GM area its peanuts but to them, could cause a massive dent in their accounts.
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    Undertones class - Wednesday

    I had a listen to them yesterday they never fail to impress me and always lift my mood
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    Who knew Richard Liburd was Jermaine Jenas’s cousin?

    Yeah I heard that little bit of his family tree. Intersting to hear that.
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    Helloooooo from the hozzy!

    You're hard as nails lass. Kicked the sh1t out of cancer on more than one occasion and now you'll do the same with this. Get well soon lovely lady
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    Red Faction

    Imagine what they would be like with Raul Seats and be allowed to stand "properly" The sounded excellent on the idiot box last night. I love the passion they have and the display they did prior to the game was top draw.
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    Housing Ukrainian Families

    My cousin lives in Munich and is married to a Ukrainian. Thankfully all her family are out of there and currently in Bulgaria. His mother in law is heading to them but they only have a small apartment and a daughter to look after. There is no where for any of the other family to stay with them...
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    Krakow, Vienna or Girona?

    Vienna,l welleverytime for me. Basically becuase I have a mate who lives there and I'll be able to visit her. There is so much to do and see in thst city. Very historic, beautiful city and a cracking nightlife to. Public transport system is very good also. Museums galore, go and see the...