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    South stand medical incident yesterday

    Anyone know how the person involved is doing?
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    Queue to view the Queens coffin.

    That first bit haha, I hear you........
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    Ok thanks i understand, Sorry
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    Mogga, is it just a job? (Business) its not right....

    Its not just a job though is it?
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    Mogga, is it just a job? (Business) its not right....

    Will always look back and admire Mowbray but he does his job by the club who employs him... His comments towards us last season after Ewood bothered me but he was Blackburn manager so i understood it........... Hope we beat them Monday, its a huge game for us especially with Mogga managing the...
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    Question about police dogs after the game Saturday?

    Was anyone else there (away corner where the barrier is) when they were dragging the dogs on 2 feet to the point of choking them?
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    We've accepted a bid of £12m for Tav

    Hahahaha 🤣😂😂
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    A question about the leppings lane at Sheff Wed

    wow, must be harrowing to be on row 1, I never knew nothing was changed apart from seating
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    A question about the leppings lane at Sheff Wed

    Last time I went to Hillsborough we lost 3-1 I think, years ago.... I was in the upper tier, but on the bottom tier, is the "death tunnel" still used or has it been changed?
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    £20 for Spurs game...

    How many tickets have spurs been given?
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    Free Streams for tonight?

    I can get you it on firestick if your interested mate (paid service)
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    F.A. Cup Draw

    Wednesday night, Southampton away would be a nightmare 😭😭
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    Derby fined £10k

    Gets better for them 🙈 "Derby and Forest fined £10k over conduct of players during January 22 fixture according to Sky Sports news"
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    Signed Juninho shirt

    What shirt is it? Match worn etc, does he have COA or proof of authenticity?
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    Could Gibson face Morris in court?

    I understand Derby taking the punishment but surely MM should be held accountable for this and the complete shambles he's left dcfc in? Could it end up with Gibson and MM in court as he was effectively the one who broke the rules?