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    Recession, inflation and interest rates

    My view... The UK economy is run primarily for the benefit of upper and middle class people living in London and the Home Counties. The evidence is the economic policies and to some extent the political and social policies of the last 43 years. Some may argue this was always so, but the degree...
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    Larsen starts for Groningen

    Alternatively he the new Ashley Fletcher or Martin Braithwaite? 9 million Euros is enough for me.
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    Groningen blow two goal lead.

    The defensive marking was poor by both teams in the highlights, especially as that was the top league in Holland. There was a miss by the opposition team where a player ran unmarked into the box and had half the goal the shot at and some how hit the post and failed to score - very poor play.
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    Speculate to accumulate

    Jedi - The current situation according to this board is Groningen want 12m Euros and we have offered 9m Euros. Bologna supposedly were interested but lost interest when we offered 9m Euros, but might be intrested again if they sell their main striker. So I expect you would offer the 12m Euros?
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    Home insurance

    I am not getting my passport out for a cruise with the proceeds - It was around £8 - more like a fish and chip supper size :sneaky:
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    Barnsley Tickets - SC Card - Fees?

    For information - I was charged an extra pound, I am not a West Stander.
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    Dijksteel's 'goose' looks cooked to me...(bench warmer back up)

    I think he is good enough the play RCB and is a quality defender, but he was at fault (in part) for 2 of the 3 goals on Saturday. In general he needs to be stronger in the challenge and a bit cleverer to stop the attacker getting shots on goal. Dijksteel is very atheltic and has a strong...
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    Groningen blow two goal lead.

    Duarte number 6 for Groningen looked the best player on the pitch in the highlights, for me.
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    New recruit for Barnsley

    Was it Great Broughton or Stokesley that he was playing for?
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    Beth Mead

    More Fame................. Talksport Radio said they have named an Octopus after her at Scarborough Sea Life Centre.
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    Judith Durham

    The Seekers might have influenced my parents to get the £10 POHM emigration forms (for Oz). My Mum was more keen on going and she was more keen on their music. My Dad decided the Oak Leaf in South Bank was his Island of Dreams.
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    The first goal

    I not sure its about sides working us out - to me its more individuals not been strong anbd clever enough to block threats. I also thought in the first half we brought presure on ourselves from not being attacking enough. Notice the differenence in the second half when we were more positive and...
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    Home insurance

    Mine was down too - I was a bit surprised. I haven't made a claim so I don't know what they are like to deal with (Policy Expert). Remember Direct Line are not on comparison web sites - just in case they are cheaper for some posters. Ref working from home - it could increase claims but for...
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    Larsen starts for Groningen

    It seems fairly obvious he will be moving by that interview to England or Italy this Summer. Add ons is the classic way to add value to contract fot the selling club without adding risk and insert a sell on clause for the player, say if some offers £25m. Bologna seems like a Southampton of...
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    It’s rarely easy being a Boro fan

    We were bullied a bit I the first half, it happened a bit last season away from home. We did have two full backs playing centre halves, but it's also happened when McNair and Fry have played. This suggests it's a state of mind opposed to individuals Jones losing possession in his own half...